Are you trying to run Valorant but keep running into issues like crashing and lag? Running your game in high priority allows your computer to prioritise its resources towards the game rather than other applications on your computer.

This article will show you how to run Valorant in High Priority quickly. This is one of the easiest ways to fix crashing and lag in your game. Let’s jump in.

How To Run Valorant In High Priority

Setting your game to High Priority is a simple task and can reap massive benefits when it comes to in-game performance. Simply follow the steps below to run Valorant in High Priority mode.

  1. Open Valorant on your PC as you normally would and minimize the game.
  2. Open the Task Manager on your computer by clicking CTRL-ALT-DELETE and selecting Task Manager
  3. In the processes tab of task manager find Valorant
  4. Expand the Valorant tab by clicking the drop-down arrow
  5. Right-click on the “Valorant” Process and click Go To Details
  1. When you click Details a new window will open. In this Window look for Valorant-Win64-Shipping. Right-click on the process and select “Set priority” –> High.

You have now successfully set Valorant’s Priority to high. This will prioritise your computer’s resources towards Valorant rather than other programs running on your computer. You should see a performance increase in the game.

Note: You will have to go through this process every time you start Valorant. It will not stay in high-priority mode after you shut the game down.

What Is High Priority Mode

If you run many other applications when gaming on your computer your hardware resources are split between them. This can cause your game to perform poorly.

When you prioritise the game as High Priority, your computer will allocate more resources toward the game improving your performance. Your computer will still balance out your resources allowing you to keep other applications running as well.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this guide has allowed you to run Valorant in High Priority and you see a significant increase in your game’s performance and FPS.

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