Have you been wondering how to get a Hype Train started on your own stream? It will definitely get your stream hyped up and you’ll be making some good money!

In this guide we’re going to explain the requirements for getting a Hype Train started and how to increase your chances of getting one!

What is A Hype Train On Twitch?

If you’ve never seen a hype train it looks like this.

A hype train starts due to multiple subscribers or bits being donated and has five different levels. The more subs and bit donations the higher the level of the Hype Train. The goal is to complete the Hype train within a certain timeframe.

Twitch Hype Train Requirements

You will need to be a Twitch affiliate to have Hype train enabled in your stream. Below are the rules around hype trains and how to get them started.

To start a Hype train you will need to get multiple ‘events’ happen in your stream. Events include Cheers of at least 100 bits, any tier subscription and Gifted Subs.

You need to get these events in the space of 5 minutes for the Hype Train to be activated.

How Many Subs/Bits Do I Need To Start A Hype Train?

This depends on your settings in your Twitch affiliate area. You can determine how many events you need to start a Hype train.

To view these settings go to Creator Dashboard –> Preferences –> Affiliate and scroll down to Hype Train settings.

You can then select your ‘Kickoff Threshold’ between 3 and 25 events. Depending on how big your stream is set a realistic goal that isn’t too small that hype trains start all the time but isn’t too big that you never get them.

You want your viewers to be excited when they see a Hype Train so you don’t want them popping up every 10 mins.

There is also an option for your Hype Train cooldown time. I would recommend setting it at 2 Hours meaning you can only start a Hype Train every two hours.

How Many Subs/Bits Do I Need To Move To The Next Level In A Hype Train?

Twitch allows you to select the difficulty of your ‘Hype Goals’. They have 5 different difficulty levels; easy, medium, hard, super hard and insane.

Here is how many subs/bits you will need to complete the first level of each difficulty.

Easy3.2 Tier 1 Subs or 1600 Bits
Medium4 Tier 1 Subs or 2000 Bits
Hard6 Tier 1 Subs or 3000 Bits
Super Hard10 Tier 1 Subs or 5000 Bits
Insane20 Tier 1 Subs or 10,000 Bits

Just like setting your Kickoff Threshold I would recommend setting this setting in line with the size of your stream. If you’re a small streamer definitely start this on Easy.

Hype Train Customization

In your settings you also have the ability to customize your hype train to make it more on brand with your stream.

You can select an emote that represents your stream and it will activate when your viewers kick off a Hype Train.

Hype Train Rewards

Twitch rewards Hype train participants with specific rewards depending on the level they reach on the Hype Train.

Each Level of the Hype train contains a set of 5 Emotes:

Bonus emotes are only available to participants when the streamer has their Hype train set to the hardest difficulty.

These emotes are randomly distributed to viewers who participated in the Hype train. They will given an emote from the last completed level of the Hype Train. If they already have all the emotes in this category they will be given one from a lower level.

These are global emotes and the themes are refreshed regularly by Twitch.

How To Start More Hype Trains On Your Stream

If you’re looking to start more Hype Trains on your stream here’s a couple of tips to increase the likelihood of getting them on your stream.

  • Giveaways – Offer giveaways to Hype trains participants only. This gives them a good shot at winning as their is much less people competing for the giveaway. This will incentive viewers to jump on the train.
  • Do Something Crazy – If you’ve set your Hype Train at one of the harder levels promise your viewers you will do something crazy if they complete it. You could die your hair a crazy color or even shave your head.
  • Play With Subs – If people sub to complete the Hype Train you could dedicate a day to play with your subs who helped to complete the Hype train.

The Wrap Up

Hopefully this guide helps you get more Hype trains started in your stream. Remember that the train should be fun for everyone and having rewards for participants makes it an enjoyable experience all round.


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