Overwatch 2 is here, and fans cannot wait any longer to experience the thrilling mechanics of the game. Along with a new gameplay mode and plenty of major updates, the game also contains many maps from its prequel, so you don’t feel alienated while going guns blazing into a match. 

If you’re a die-hard fan of Overwatch 1 and have invested much of your energy in the game, you must be familiar that some maps are attackers sided, while others favor the defenders. The different types of maps can be confusing for new players, and even experienced ones.

That’s why we’ve come up with the best tier list listing for all playable maps available in Overwatch 2, ranking them based on how balanced they are for both teams. 

Overwatch 2 Maps: Best To Worst

While some Overwatch 1 maps aren’t expected to be carried into its sequel, most of the original maps are tweaked and added in the new game. Moreover, Overwatch 2 will host six entirely new maps to provide you with scintillating gameplay. 

To help sort the good from the bad, we have ranked each new and old map featured in the game’s new version below: 

Overwatch 2 Maps Tier List

Tier S

This tier includes the maps that we feel are pretty balanced and are liked by most players, no matter the end result of their match. We’ve found that players feel more confident devising strategies on these maps, and newbies can quickly familiarize themselves with their locations.

Here are the maps that occupy the S Tier ranking on our list:

1. King’s Row

In our opinion, King’s Row is the most incredible map in Overwatch. While it is jam-packed with flanking options, the map offers a fine line between heroes that can inflict a lot of damage, such as Widowmaker and heroes that can take a hit, such as Reaper or Junkrat.

It is filled with plenty of tight spots that can come to your aid or be used against you and spice up the battlefield. 

2. Circuit Royal, Monte Carlo

Circuit Royal, we feel, is one the most significant maps on Overwatch developed by Blizzard. Made from an F1 theme, the map seems very clean and spacious. One downside is that defenders have an early advantage over the attackers on the high ground; however, after some repositioning, the battleground seems to be evenly matched for both sides.

3. Midtown, New York

This hybrid map seems fun and is riddled with spaces that let you side-flank the other team. Also, the map contains a lot of high ground for the defenders to hold the attackers from. As far as attackers are concerned, the map offers them a ton load of sight lines to track the defenders down and eradicate them out of their way.

4. Lijiang Tower

By far, one of the best maps to be in the game, Lijiang Tower, is a map that requires you to position yourself so that you don’t get thrown off by the enemy. You can combine a lot of heroes such as Genji and Tracer to unleash heavy damage on your enemies and surprise them early in the match. 

5. Eichenwalde

Eichenwalde also takes a spot in our S tier. Although it was disliked by many in Overwatch 1 due to its first choke point, it seems to be highly favored by the Overwatch community after the addition of its second choke point. The map also has excellent visuals and looks fantastic on both default and evening modes.

6. Hollywood

Hollywood is another well-balanced in Overwatch, where both halves of the map are exceptionally great for damage heroes. There are ample flanking options so while you’re paying attention to what’s ahead of you, playing this map means you need to have eyes on the back of your head as well.

Tier A

Tier A and S maps are almost the same in comparison and are considered great maps by the Overwatch community. The only difference between them is some players may feel that the Tier A maps are more challenging to master and may not feel as confident carrying out their strategies on them as they would on tier S. Here are our tier A maps:

1. New Queen Street, Toronto

The New Queen Street map is still an excellent choice for many players in Overwatch. It’s hurdled with many choke points paired with plenty of flanking options to get behind enemy lines, so you have to be all ears to avoid getting caught off guard.

2. Colosseo, Rome

A pretty straightforward yet aesthetic map in design, Colosseo offers a chaotic environment to all of the players present on the battlefield. With so many loops, you are bound to get charged from multiple sides, so you must be all eyes throughout the intense fights.

It offers a lot of high ground for the defenders, so it shifts to the negative for the attacking side.

3. Route 66

Route 66 is a great map filled with many helpful vantage points, especially if you’re into playing damage heroes. While the map is excellent, it provides an early advantage for attackers since the map is assembled from the beginning. Aggressive teams are bound to do better on this map.

Tier B

These maps aren’t as gimmicky as tier S and A; however, they would still be considered above average. Although they contain some flaws disliked by the community, tier B maps are great for novices new to the world of Overwatch since they’re easy to understand and simple to learn.

1. Oasis

Oasis would be the first entry on our mid-tier list. While the map is brimmed with aesthetics in mind and has excellent lighting, its design is not good enough for prolonged fights.

Although some players would rate it between A and S, we believe it can be a menace for support heroes like Zenyatta, where sightlines can be challenging to locate.

2. Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Gibraltar also gets a spot on our tier B list due to being highly attacking favored. The defense can get frustrated on Gibraltar as attackers get the high ground and can easily dominate the game going forward.

Its third checkpoint is also considered the toughest among all escort maps and has fewer escapes, making the map quite challenging for players. 

3. Nepal

While Nepal seems to be a reasonably balanced map, some heroes may be overpowered on it, while some may be underpowered and have to use their ultimate on this map to make a difference. There are also some places where you can fall out of bounds in Nepal.

4. Busan

Busan is one of the maps where you’re guaranteed to get intense battles since it is designed in such a way. Great for damage heroes as well as support heroes who’ll be hoarded with the tough task of keeping their carries alive in the game.

While the map is good, some players find it to be quite challenging; hence it makes it to the B tier in our list. 

5. India

Blizzard hasn’t revealed much information about this map, but it is speculated to be one of the largest maps in Overwatch 2, so it might be a good option for all those Widowmakers main out there to shoot some heavy skulls out there.

You’ll also need your support to help your damage heroes stay alive. Since it is speculated to be similar to Nepal, it adds to our B-tier list. 

Tier C

Tier C maps would be considered to be average by plenty of Overwatch players as you don’t need to think much about planning and making up strategies. These maps are recommended for players who’re beginners and are looking to pave a road for themselves to go pro in the game. Here’s a list of tier C maps.

1. Rialto

The latest map to join Overwatch’s Escort mode is Rialto, which has quite massive flanking options and is not felt as a viable option by many Overwatch players. The map feels quite challenging as you need to protect your Tank from incoming damage.

That is why it requires an excellent strategy to deal with the enemy damage heroes so you can safely escort the objective to its destination.

2. Numbani

Numbani is a menace for the team that wants to push through due to the high vantage points it has for the enemy to turn the tide in their favor. It is also favored for heroes such as Junkrat, who can hide and camp inside bushes, a common strategy used by players to gain the advantage

3. Ilios

While the map has great vantage points – especially if you’re a sniper enthusiast and love playing Widowmaker – it has a ton load of escape routes that allow the opponents to sneak out of critical spots easily. That is why Ilios reserves a place in our tier C list.

4. Junkertown

The reason we feel this map is average is that whoever takes map control of the long sight lines will eventually dominate the game. This makes the game focus less on the objective at hand and instead on camping in an area with Bastion or maybe Orisa. The attacking side will face a lot of trouble pushing the long sight lines as well.

5. Paraiso

Similar to the layout of Rio de Janeiro, this map is only for those who excel at close combat. While playing on the map may be fun, the best way to push through the map is to keep your distance which can get quite tricky since it has narrow lanes. 

6. Gothenburg

Based in Sweden, there’s not much known about this map except that it was said to be an assault one. Since Overwatch 2 has removed that mode, we’re unsure what it will bring to the table, and for that reason, we’re giving it an average rating.

Tier D

These are the maps that the Overwatch community would avoid playing if they could. They are highly disliked since they’re pretty basic and ruin the competitive balance of Overwatch. Here are the least favorite maps in the game.

1. Dorado

There are mixed feelings about Dorado, where some people would go as far as to put it in tier B. However, we feel that Dorado is one of the worst maps to be designed on Overwatch.

Too much defense is favored, and the walls can be a pain, especially for heroes like Genji, Lucio, or Hanzo to move around. The map feels bulky to many players; hence it is at the bottom of our list.

2. Blizzard World

The map consists of narrow lanes and too many attacking directions for the team, which can become a real menace when trying to capture points. Not only that, if someone essential from your team dies at the end, it may cost you the round.

This makes us believe the map is not well balanced at all and is one of the disliked maps among the Overwatch community. 

Wrapping Up

Although this list is formulated in our opinion, you don’t have to agree with it. What matters is how you feel attacking or defending on a map and executing a strategy on it. Players base their likeness or dislikeness on a map depending on how well they perform. So if you’re doing good on a D-tier map, then don’t shy away from spamming your ranked games on it! 

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