Over the past few months the Twitch “Hot tub meta” has been blowing up however it hasn’t been without controversy. These hot tub stream were dominating the just chatting category with stream pulling in 10s of thousands of views at a time.

Some streamers and viewers didn’t take too well to these hot tub streams and voiced their opinions to their communities and reddit.

Eventually Twitch addressed the issue and added a Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches category.

Even one of Twitch’s biggest stars Pokimane got involved and had a Hot Tub stream for her birthday, however she was significantly more clothed than the other people in the category.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest Hot Tub Streamers currently dominating the category.

The Top 7 Hot Tub Streamers On Twitch


Amouranth has been absolutely crushing in the Hot Tub meta and regularly pulls in anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 viewers on her streams. As her backdrop says she is “shameless” and has used the meta to massively increase her following and subscribers.

She currently has over 3 Million followers on Twitch however she was already pretty well known on twitch before the Hot Tub Meta existed.

She continues to do hot tub streams daily gaining a massive amount of viewership and driving those viewers off Twitch to other “3rd party platforms”.

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xoAerial claims to be the first to do Hot tub streams and has been very vocal in her support for this type of content. As it helped her blow up her channel it only makes sense.

Currently she is doing lots of just chatting streams and also occasionally plays games on stream. She is fairly new to streaming only starting in March 2020 so she has been able to blow up extremely quickly on the platform.

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Indiefoxx has been around the twitch thot community for a while and is possibly one of the most controversial hot tub streamers on the platform.

Currently she has been banned on Twitch more than 4 times with some of them taking place on her hot tub streams.

However it all seems to have paid off for indiefoxx as she has gained over 418,000 followers in the past 90 days according to sullygnome.com twitch tracker app. That brings her to almost 800k followers in total.

She also plays guitar on her streams.

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TheSaltLamb is one of the smaller Hot Tub streamers who has jumped on the meta and is growing steadily from it. Currently she is pulling approximately 1000 live viewers per stream.

She has amassed over 40k followers so far and continues to grow. She uses smart tactics to gain subs such as “Every 15 subs I change bikini”.

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Faith is a 23 year old Canadian hot tub streamer who is closing in on 500k followers thank to the hot tub meta. Faith has been streaming since 2018 but this new meta really took her to new levels on Twitch.

According to sullygnome she has gained 322,000 followers in the past 90 days. Thats over 60% of her total followers thanks to the Hot Tub Meta.

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Spoopykitt is another smaller streamer that has seen tremendous growth due to the hot tub meta. She currently has 77k followers on Twitch which seems small compared to some of the others on the list however she is pulling in hundreds of thousands of views on some of her streams.

She combined the hot tub meta and cosplay to pull in a unique audience. She’s continuing to stream in the Hot Tub Category and pull in crazy views.

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Pokimane hot tub stream

While Pokimane didn’t take the traditional route to a hot tub stream she did do a one off stream for her birthday however she appeared in an oversized bikini t-shirt. Poki and the offlinetv teams hot tub stream was a little dig at the hot tub meta that was dominating twitch.

You won’t see Pokimane streaming in a hot tub every day of the week. If that’s what you’re looking for stick to the 6 streamers above.

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These are currently the biggest hot tub streamers on twitch. Let us know down below wether you think this meta has been good or bad for twitch!

What is The Twitch Hot Tub Meta?

The hot tub meta on Twitch started in 2021 in the just chatting category. It usually involves a streamer in a bikini sitting in a hot tub on stream. These streamers will take donations to write viewers names on their bodies or inflatable toys. You may also see the streamers playing games or doing reaction videos while being scantily clad in the hot tub.

These streams are controversial on twitch and finally got their own category on the platform.

Who Started the Hot Tub Meta On Twitch?

xoAerial claims to have been the first to do a Hot Tub stream on Twitch. She is a fairly new streamer who used hot tub streams to blow up her channel in 2021.

Are Hot Tub Streams Allowed On Twitch?

Twitch states that Hot Tub Streams in bikinis are allowed. Their terms of service state that bikini’s are allowed in appropriate situations such as Hot Tubs, The Beach or pools.

Streamers are taking advantage of this policy to wear bikinis on stream and get away it. You can see Twitch’s stance on the issue here.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up there’s some streamers that have massively taken advantage of the Hot Tub meta to grow insane followings in a short space of time. Above are some of the biggest gainers from the Hot Tub meta. I’m sure we’ll see more people jumping in the tub in the near future to try and gain some followers.

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