How To Use Emote Resizer

Step 1 – Drag or upload your image/original emote into the box above

Step 2 – Either download each individual image by clicking on them or download all image sizes in a zip folder by clicking the download button

Twitch Emote Sizes

When submitting emotes to Twitch they require you to submit your emotes in 3 different sizes. This is to accommodate different platforms and screens such as mobile, retina and other large devices.

The three sizes required are:

  • 112 x 112
  • 56 x 56
  • 28 x 28

The max file size of an emote is 100kb. Our software will attempt to compress the file size of your emote without losing any quality.

Twitch Emote Guidelines

When it comes to submitting emotes to Twitch there are some guidelines that you will want to follow to ensure that your emotes get approved on Twitch. You can view Twitch’s guideline page here however it is a fairly dry read. We have outlined the main points you need to think about down below.

  • Emotes must be submitted in three different sizes: 112 x 112px, 56 x 56px, 28 x 28px. You can use our emote resizer tool above to create emotes in this format or use twitch’s Auto-resize feature.
  • Emotes must be less than 100kb in size
  • Emotes must not be animated
  • They must be in a 1:1 Ratio
  • Emotes must not contain copyrighted images, name or logos

How To Upload Emotes To Twitch

To upload emotes to Twitch you must have affiliate status.

  1. Go to your Creator Dashboard –> Preferences –> Affiliate
  2. Scroll down to the Subscription settings and open the emote tab
  3. Here you have the option to upload Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 emotes
  4. Here you can upload each different size variation of your emote which you downloaded using the emote resizer tool

What Makes A Good Twitch Emote

The emotes that you design should represent you, your channel and your community. Lots of emotes will contain inside jokes that maybe only you and your community understand. This can be a great way to make viewers feel that they are a part of your channel and it gives them an incentive to become a subscriber.

We would recommend getting high quality emotes created from a designer rather than trying to put your own together if you’re not a good artist. It may cost a little upfront but will give your channel a premium feel to your subscribers. After all you can get custom emotes on places like Fiverr for very reasonable prices.

Tips For Creating Emotes

  • Create your own custom unique emotes
  • Do not copy other streamers designs
  • Create a range of emotes that convey different emotions
  • Make your emotes easy to understand. A viewer should be able to understand what it means when they first see it
  • Avoid creating emotes that break Twitch’s Terms of Service

Where Can I Get Twitch Emotes Created?


Get emotes on Fiverr

It’s impossible to make a list that involves any design work for Twitch without including one of the websites that pioneered the gig economy: Fiverr. On Fiverr, many freelancers post “gigs” that offer all sorts of services starting at $5. Many artists offer their emote-making services on Fiverr for as little as $10 per design.

What makes Fiverr a great website to get emotes from is the fact that former clients can post their reviews of the services they’ve purchased. Fiverr also makes it easy to communicate with the artist so that streamers can effectively convey their ideas for their emote designs. Fiverr is also one of the best choices for content creators who want custom emotes unique to them.


Another option for making emotes without Photoshop is PlaceIt, where streamers can use templates to make somewhat customized emotes. Because PlaceIt uses templates, the designs won’t be completely original – but once the design is purchased for download, commercial use is allowed. That means streamers can use the graphics they made through PlaceIt for things like merch.

PlaceIt has an interesting pricing method – to create and download a single design costs $39.95. But, streamers can instead opt for the monthly unlimited subscription for $14.95 (or even cheaper if paid annually). Some streamers sign up for a month, make all the graphics they need, then cancel their subscription.


Another service that people can use to make their own designs is Own3d.tv’s emote maker. This method allows content creators to design their avatar (although the customization options are limited). Once the avatar is made, Own3d offers various emote designs that streamers can choose from and download for use. Emotes can be purchased in packages of 1, 3, 6, 9, 15, or 26.


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