During September and October on Twitch you will likely see lots of mentions of “Subtember” or “Subtober”. This event started 5 years ago on Twitch and is clearly a big hit as they recently extended the event into October as well as September.

If you’re on this page you are probably wondering what exactly these events are. Let’s jump in and find out.

What Is Subtember On Twitch?

Subtember is an event Twitch run every year to help out their creators. For the month of September and last year, October, Twitch ran a sale event on all Subs and bits. Subtember is a combination of the word “Sub” and “September”. During this month subscriptions and bits are usually discounted on Twitch however each year the specifics change.

During this month you will see streamers pushing much harder to hit sub goals as it is cheaper for their viewers to subscribe. It is a great opportunity for streamers to make much more money in this month of the year. Some of these subscriptions will res-subscribe automatically the month after meaning they make more money for multiple months after Subtember.

How Much Are Twitch Subs During Subtember?

During the month of Subtember Twitch subs will vary in price depending on the year. When Subtember first started back in 2017 subscriptions were 50% off meaning a viewer could purchase a subscription for $2.50 rather than the usual $5.

This is a huge discount which is likely why the discount was cut in the following years. You can see below what the discounts have been over the last few years:

2017 – Viewers received a 50% Discount on new subs. The promotion ran for 42 days between September 6th and October 18th.

2018 – Viewers were able to gift subs for $1 during the promotion. The event ran for 20 Days from September 10 – 30.

2019 – Viewers once again received 50% off Tier 1 Subscriptions. Subway also sponsored Subtember (Notice the play on words) in 2019. During this Subtember streamers got a 10% boost in revenue for bits received. This 10% was sponsored by Subway.

2020 – In 2020 Subtember was sponsored by Capital One. Viewers could subscribe to channels with a 20-30% discount depending on the Tier of Subscription they bought.

2021 – In 2021 Subtember was sponsored by Grubhub. During this period Viewers received a 20% discount on Subscriptions.

How Long Does Subtember Last On Twitch?

Subtember always starts at some date in September however the end date can differ. Last year Subtember ended on September 30th however in the past it has ran deep into October. This is why you will see some people talking about Subtober as well as Subtember.

How To Make More Money As A Streamer In Subtember?

Subtember is a great opportunity for streamers to make a lot more money. Viewers can buy subs at a cheaper price and you get the same or more amount of money. Below are some ways to maximise your earnings as a streamer during Subtember.

Do A Subathon

A Subathon is a great way to get more subscriptions on Twitch. In fact it’s how Ludwig broke the sub record on Twitch. You can learn more about a Subathon here but essentially a Subathon is an event you hold on your channel where every subscription extends the length of your stream. This can bring in a tremendous amount of Subscriptions on your stream.

24Hr Stream

If a Subathon sounds too daunting you can try out a 24 hour Stream instead. This is pretty self explanatory but you will be live for a full 24 hrs. Hype up this stream for a week or so before it happens and get your viewers excited about it. During a 24hr stream you will generally receive more subs and donations as people are rooting for you to succeed.

Set A Goal

During Subtember set a goal on your channel for the amount of Subscriptions that you want to receive. Goals incentivise people to subscribe more. We have a guide on how to add a sub goal to your channel.

Wrapping Up

Now you know exactly what Subtember is on Twitch. If you want to sub to your favorite streamer and Subtember is just around the corner, you might want to wait for it to start so you can get that sweet discount. If you’re a streamer you should try your hardest to capitalise on Subtember and gain as many new subs as possible.

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