Full NameUnknown
Date of BirthUnknown
Net Worth$3,000,000
Twitch Followers179
Altoar Streamer Bio

Who is Altoar?

In a Twitch leak on October 06, 2021, documents revealed that Altoar had supposedly made from Twitch payouts alone from August 2019 to October 2021. This figure puts him at 8th on the list of the top 10,000 earners on the platform, above big streamers like Asmongold and HasanAbi.

The thing is, Altoar is not a streamer.

On top of that, no one really knew who he was. So when the list was leaked, many were left asking “who is Altoar on Twitch?”

Visiting Altoar’s channel shows only 179 followers in total – and he hardly ever streams at all. Yet he has made over 3 million dollars from Twitch.

We don’t know anything about Altoar, other than the fact that he is the mind behind Sound Alerts, a Twitch extension that millions of streamers on that platform have installed.

What Is Altoar Net Worth?

Altoar has an estimated Net worth of over $3,000,000. He makes an estimated $117,455.38 per month, but not from streaming. He gets his income from the Twitch extension Sound Alerts.

How Much Does Altoar Make Per Month?

Altoar is estimated to make $117,455.38 per month from multiple income streams. This includes Twitch subs, Ad Revenue, and brand deals.

How Does Altoar Make Money?

screengrab from twitchtracker

Altoar doesn’t stream much at all, as can be seen by the screengrab above. He doesn’t have a Youtube channel either. What he does have is the Twitch extension Sound Alerts, which many streamers install on their channels.

Sound Alerts is an extension where viewers can play sound effects on any stream with bits, and the profits go to the streamer. All the streamer has to do is set it up on their channel and add the sound effects they want to use.

From every transaction on Sound Alerts, Altoar gets a 20% cut. Since 2019, he has amassed $3,053,839.94 which we can surmise means he makes $117,455.38 per month pre-tax. This is a very simplified estimation, as it’s likely he made much less in the earlier months and started making more as Sound Alerts’ popularity grew.

We don’t know what else Altoar makes his money on or from. Signs point to him working on other apps and extensions, so he may also have other income on top of what he makes from Sound Alerts.

Altoar makes roughly $117,455.38 per month from Sound Alerts, a Twitch Extension.

Wrapping Up

Altoar has cracked the code of making money from Twitch without ever having to deal with the streamer grind. At this rate, we’re sure he’s only going to make more from Sound Alerts and any other extensions he makes in the future!





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