If you’re a regular on Twitch you may have noticed something similar on a lot of streams. A LOT of streamers are using racing style chairs. In this article we are going to break down the reason you see so many of them on Twitch. Let’s jump in and take a look.

Why Do Streamers Use Racing Chairs?

The main reason a lot of bigger streamers are using the racing chairs is because they are being sponsored by these companies. A lot of these companies got their start by sponsoring Youtubers and streamers. By doing this they popularised the racing style chairs.

With lots of streamers promoting them and the chairs actually looking amazing in a gaming setup more and more people started purchasing them. In fact I’m sitting in a DX Racer chair right now.

Once they reached mass market, it got to the point where people are buying them because that’s what their favourite streamers are using.

If you check a streamers About section you may see that they are sponsored by one of these big chair companies.

Ergonomic Qualities

These chairs have some great ergonomic qualities which making sitting for long periods of time more comfortable. As a streamer they can sometimes be sitting in the chair for 8-10 hours per day.

When you are sitting for that long you need a chair with good ergonomic qualities to stop you from getting back pain and other problems. Most of these gaming chairs have pretty good ergonomic qualities for the price while also looking great in a gaming setup. Therefore we see them a lot in gaming streams.

Who Makes The Racing Chairs?

Over the past few years lots of knock off brands have appeared on the market however there is a couple of main brands that started the racing chair movement.

DX Racer Chair

Titan Labs Chairs

If your favourite streamer has a Racing style chair there is a good chance it comes from one of these two brands.

Are Gaming Chairs Good For Posture?

In short these gaming chairs are probably better for your posture than a $50 chair from walmart however they’re not the best on the market. While gaming chairs look amazing, some of the looks take away from having the best possible posture.

Ergonomic trends put together a great article comparing gaming chairs to other chairs on the market.

What Is The Best Chair For Good Posture?

If you are looking a top of the line chair for good posture you should check out the Herman Miller line of chairs. These are generally very expensive compared to the racing chair lines but when it comes to posture they are known as the best.

If this chair is way out of budget for you then you should look into the Hyken Office chair from staples.

It comes in at a much cheaper price point and will give you a lot of the same posture qualities as a Herman Miller.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. The main reason a lot of people have these chairs is sponsorships and Ergonomics. The chairs look great and have reasonably good ergonomics. This combined with lots of influencer marketing set these chairs up for success.

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