Furries are slowly becoming more and more involved in the mainstream. Maybe not necessarily part of the actual mainstream just yet, but society is slowly starting to become more aware of the subculture. Unfortunately, it appears as though most people misunderstand the furry fandom and are quick to judge those who are a part of it.

Because of this lack of understanding and quick judgment, people within this subculture may find themselves hiding their furry side.

Discord servers have long been a way for people with the same interests to gather and share their love for their fandom. They also act as safe spaces where people can be freer to be themselves without fear of judgment.

Wondering if a furry Discord server is for you? This list of the best of them may help.

Best Furry Servers on Discord

What is a Furry?

A furry is someone who is interested in the furry fandom, which is a subculture with great interest in anthropomorphic animal characters.

The dictionary defines anthropomorphic as having human characteristics — and so, furries are interested in animal characters with human characteristics and personalities.

According to Fur Science, the public information hub of the International Anthropomorphic Research Project (IARP) currently studying the fandom with the aim of decreasing the stigma, the fandom is a diverse community. Within it, there are fans, gamers, artists, writers, and all sorts of people who enjoy the subculture.

The furry fandom’s exact starting point is unclear, but the fandom seems to agree that it began back in the 1980s. It slowly grew over time into what it is today, with many individuals identifying with their “fursonas.”

What is a Fursona?

The word “fursona” is the portmanteau or combination of the word “furry” and “persona.” The IARP states that nearly every furry has one and that furries have an average of 2.12 fursonas over their lifetimes.

A fursona is a personalized animal-style avatar or character with whom a furry identifies. In many cases, it could be their identity. It could simply be a person’s ideal version of themselves or a fully-realized RP (role-play) character. It may even simply be a digital mascot.

As furries identify with their fursonas, they often represent these animal characters in a number of ways.

Some furries draw or commission someone to draw their fursona and then use these drawings as their portraits or online profile pictures on their accounts. However, fursonas are not exclusively used in the online space.

Other furries may invest in full fur suits which they may occasionally (or not so occasionally) wear. During furry conventions, it is not uncommon to see members of the subculture wearing their suits like in the image below:

Image from WikiCommons, by Douglas Muth

Other furries may make various creative works involving their fursonas, such as fan fiction and creative stories, art, music, and more.

There’s a minority of furries that express the desire to actually be their fursona — they may even already see themselves that way. In this case, they may identify as “otherkin” or “therian.”

What Franchise is the Fandom About?

Although it may feel logical that furries may be fans of a specific fandom, the fact is that the subculture is decentralized. It is not about any single person, character, franchise, or movie. However, some furries may be fans of specific fandoms, basing their fursonas after specific characters or stories.

Why Would You Want to Join a Furry Server?

Discord servers are a great place to chat, share art, interact, hang out, stream, play games, and more.

Because the furry fandom is still growing and finding other furries is a relatively uncommon chance, it can be difficult to find others with the same interests and lifestyle to relate with. Furry Discord servers create spaces for furries to relate where they can meet and interact. Joining one can create a sense of belonging that one might find sorely lacking otherwise.

In furry servers, it becomes possible to be a part of the subculture without judgment that may be experienced in other non-furry-centric spaces. Joining an active server with admins and moderators who actually work to maintain the server as a safe space is a great way to experience the fandom and lifestyle.

10 Best Furry Servers

The Furry Assembly

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The Furry Nexus is a server where members can feel a friendly and inclusive furry environment. Their server’s link is literally discord.gg/fur, and they’re well on their way to 14,000 members. It is a 100% SFW or Safe For Work community, so if you’re looking for an atmosphere like that, you’ll find it right here.

This Discord server claims to be the friendliest furry community, where they encourage and enforce a welcoming, non-toxic, and active environment. The staff is active, experienced, and most importantly, approachable.

There are many benefits to joining this server. For example, there’s a unique economy system with some one-of-a-kind shop roles. If you’re a gamer, there’s also a gaming category in the server, alongside some corresponding roles you can enjoy. And, of course. this server has some adorable emotes you can use within the server or anywhere on discord if you have a Nitro subscription.

Fellowship Furries

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The Fellowship Furries server is a somewhat smaller one, with only 756 members as of writing. However, they take pride in being one of the most LGBTQ+ inclusive furry Discord servers around today.

Fellowship Furries welcomes everyone, furry or not. The admin are available with 24/7 support, enforcing the rules to ensure that all members enjoy their experience on the server. They also enforce a verification system to prevent trolling.

This server is active, has weekly giveaways, selectable roles, custom or private voice channels, and plenty of gaming channels to suit your every need. It is also 100% SFW, so anyone can join in on the fun!

Club Floof 2022

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Club Floof 2022 is a Furry server that also happens to be a Discord partner. They call themselves a furry family dedicated to making people feel right at home. It is inclusive, so everyone is welcome. There’s no risk of running into any NSFW content because this server is 100% SFW only (and the mods enforce this rule strictly).

Here, there are active chats — but it all stays relaxed so everyone can have fun. There are 450+ emotes not just for reactions and expressions, but also for utility. The active staff makes sure to keep up with moderating so they can avoid the trolls and the incoming raids. There are also plenty of giveaways, and they even have a Minecraft server.

Floof Squad

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The Floof Squad is an inclusive furry Discord server that welcomes everybody the world over. At only 721 members, it’s still a small but growing community offering a more intimate experience where people can still make friends and get to know each other. The Floof Squad is proud to declare that everyone is welcome, no matter what gender, nationality, or sexual orientation.

There are tons of channels, including roleplay, fun game channels, and more just to hook you in and keep you having fun. There are many roles, which are self-assignable, so that you can express yourself and who you are truly and fully.

If you want to commission art or are open for art commissions, they recently added a commissions channel to the server to make this whole process much easier to do.


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AllFurgether is a small but growing community of furries and furry enthusiasts. They specialize in multiplayer gaming, but if that’s not your style that’s okay — the community branches out into many other interests that you can dip your toes into. This SFW community declares it is PG-13+.

AllFurgether hosts frequent events and raffle giveaways to keep the community engaged. But that’s not all, there are hundreds of emotes to use in and out (with Nitro) of the server. The owners and staff of the server are experienced and approachable, so you can come to them with any concerns. They are also open to suggestions for building and running the server.

There’s something for everyone here, including those who want to practice their creative writing or want to find a group to play with.

Ambient Forest

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Ambient Forest is a Discord server for furries with over ten thousand members. It’s one of the larger communities, but that doesn’t mean it’s not controlled or well-run. This constantly growing community offers tons of features and content to engage its users. They also strive to be not just a fun place for people to be fully themselves, but also to provide a friendly place for people to enjoy. Ambient Forest is fully safe and friendly, so there’s no need to feel anxiety or fear.

There are several server channels dedicated to allowing artists to advertise their work and tell other people in the server that they are open for commission. Ambient Forest also has a bot that manages the unique economy, giveaways, and more.

The best part is you’ll even get notifications about games available for free on both Steam and Epic.

Fluffy Abyss

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The Fluffy Abyss is a furry Discord server that currently has more than 24,000 members. It’s certainly one of the larger servers out there, but it’s a friendly and open environment that everyone can enjoy. Fluffy Abyss calls itself a lovely and heartwarming community where there’s server lore, but you won’t feel left out at all. This inclusive community advertises itself as SFW, wholesome, and absolutely no-drama.

Here, you can showcase and advertise your art if you are an artist open for commissions. The Fluffy Abyss provides a unique experience where there are tons of roles, plenty of giveaways, organized channels, and tons of cute emotes for you to use.

The Furry Nexus

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The Furry Nexus proudly calls itself the biggest Discord server for furries in the fandom. It now has almost seventy thousand members and it continues to grow as time goes on.

Here, you’ll find all sorts of activities and fun things to do. You can join one of the extremely active text channels or voice channels. Or, if you prefer things chill, you can always stay in the more chill channels which were put there for people who prefer these sorts of environments instead.

screengrab from top.gg

The Furry Agenda

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The Furry Agenda is a fantastic server with just over six thousand members. This inclusive server welcomes new members who want to be themselves in a safe and friendly environment — as long as you are sixteen years old or older. The Furry Agenda has a 16+ only rule and if you are found breaking this rule you will be kicked.

That said, this community does not tolerate any discrimatory or hate speech. It has separate sections and channels for NSFW, SFW, games, and art.

Paradox Paws

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Paradox Paws claims to be a unique server like no other. They are more relaxed, more welcoming, more active, and better than the average furry Discord server — according to them, that is. But considering they’re at four thousand members and growing, they must be doing something right.

Paradox Paws is currently working on a server website, merch, a custom server bot, and more events to keep things fun for everyone. They have a friendly and attentive staff ensuring everything is kept friendly and comfortable for everyone.

They have plenty more to offer, as stated in the image below:

screengrab from top.gg

Wrapping Up

If you’re a furry still learning the subculture, it can be difficult to navigate the wealth of information available on the internet. It may also feel challenging to be yourself more freely when the fear of judgment is always there. Joining a furry-centric Discord server can help you find a safe space to enjoy being yourself.

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