One of the best ways to bring your community together when you are offline is through a discord server. You can jump in and hang out with your chat, answer questions and most importantly let your community make friends with each other. You can also use your discord as a perk for subscribers and to find people to play with if you decide to play some games with your community.

Discord was initially created for gamers but now has many other uses as it is such a good application. In today’s tutorial, we are going to break down how you can set up a Discord for your stream so you can connect with your community even when you are offline.

How To Set Up A Discord For Twitch Streamers

Step 1 – Sign Up For Discord

If you do not have an account on discord, no problem, open your browser and go to Click on “register now” and enter your name and email address, phone number verification, set your password, and click on “Create”. Your new account is now ready to go.

If you already have an account (which you probably do) just sign in to get started. You can use either the web application or the App on your computer to set up a server, however, we would recommend using the Application on the computer.

Step 2 – Creating Your Server

First of all, get signed in to your discord account, and for creating a new streamers discord, you have to click the plus (+) icon at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. A pop-up will appear tagged with “Create a server”. We want to select the Gaming server template.

Once you have selected gaming you will be asked if the server is for “You and Your Friends” or a “Club and Community”. Select “Club and Community”. You can then customize your server by giving it a name and uploading your logo to the server. This will help your viewers recognize it as your server making it easier for them to come back.

You can now add an image/logo to your server and give it a name.

You now have your server set up and live meaning people can find it and join. However, there is a lot more we can do to the server to make it a more enjoyable place for your viewers to hang out.

Step 3 – Adding Channels To Your Discord

Now that we have your server set up we can start to add channels to your discord. Channels are different areas where people on your server can discuss specific topics. We have created a Top Discord Channels For Streamers article which you can check out for ideas.

To add channels to your discord go to the channel section on the left-hand side and right-click → Create channel.

Below are some of the channels that I would recommend adding to your discord. If you want a deeper look at what each of these channels is, check out this article

  • General Channel
  • Go live channel
  • Announcement channel
  • Find a teammate
  • Social Media Updates
  • Meme channel
  • Game relevant channel
  • Deeper game channel
  • Self-Promotion channel
  • FAQ Channel
  • Stream team posts
  • Stream suggestion/ upgrades
  • Content suggestion 
  • Voice channels
  • Sub only/ Patreon Channel
  • Become a mod channel

Step 4 – Inviting Your Viewers To Your Discord

Now that you have your discord set up you can start inviting viewers. The best way to do this initially is to announce it on your stream and have a few calls to action throughout your stream. I would recommend doing the following

  • Adding a link in your About Section on Twitch
  • Add a link to your Youtube video descriptions
  • Set up a !Discord Command In your chat so that people can find the join link easily
  • Have your link on a timer (Every 30 mins) posted in your chat
  • Share the link on your other social media platforms

The more people you can get into your discord the better. If they leave notifications turned on they will be notified when you go live increasing your viewership on Twitch.

Step 5 – Setting Up Roles In Your Discord

You can give different people in your discord server different roles with different permissions. This means that you can lock people out of certain channels and give specific people access to different features.

Here are a few examples of roles you might want to create in your discord server:

  • Owner – This role will go to you as you created the server
  • Moderator – Similar to Twitch mods you can assign mods in your discord community to help keep your discord chat clean and help out other members (These should be people you trust)
  • VIP / Premium – Premium members of your discord
  • Subscriber – You can link your Discord to Twitch allowing you to set up specific channels for Subscriber only
  • Member– This is the role allotted after joining the discord server. 
  • Everyone: This role has minimum permission after joining the discord server. 

You can give roles in different colors and arrange them in order of level. 

How To Create A New Role In Discord

To create a new role in your discord click the dropdown at the top of your server then select server settings. 

Once you click on Server Settings you navigate to the roles section and select “Create Role”. Here you can edit the “Display” of the role. This means you can change the name, color and image of the role.

You are also able to decide whether or not you want the role to appear on the right-hand side of the discord with online members. For top-tier roles like subscribers, I would recommend displaying it on the right-hand side so you can view it when subscribers are on. You can do this by enabling the Display Role members separately from online members box.

To the right of the Display tab, there is the permissions tab. This is where you can decide what permissions this role has in your server. Scroll through and select the specific permissions you want the role to have.

Step 6 – How To Setup Rules In Your Discord

When setting up your discord you should probably add in some rules that users have to accept before joining the server. This will help to minimise spam and trolls in your discord. If people break the rules you can then ban them from the server.

To set up rules we now need to activate our server as a community. To do this navigate to server settings → enable community → Get Started. 

You will now be asked if you want to require users to have a verified email account before joining your server. I recommend selecting these settings as it will help to avoid spam bots. I would also recommend keeping on the option to scan media to have any inappropriate media removed automatically from your server.

You can now click on next to move to the next section. In the next section, we can create our rules and community updates channel. If you haven’t already created them just select “Create One For Me” then select next. Now select the options you want on the Finishes touch page and click on Finish Setup.

You will now have access to the community dashboard. 

To set up rules in your server navigate to community → Membership Screening → Set Up Membership screening. 

Click on server rules to add the rules you want to your server. Once you are finished you can now click enable and your rules will be active on your server. 

Step 7: Creating A Welcome Screen In Discord

A welcome screen is where users will arrive when they first join the server. We can set up a welcome screen to let the new users know what channels to check out. I don’t think this is necessary for a streamer discord but if you want to add it you can by following the instructions below.

The first thing we need to do is create a new channel that can be used as a welcome screen. To do this right-click in the channel section → Create Channel → Select text channel → Name it “Welcome Channel“.

Now head back over to the community sections in your settings. To set up our Welcome screen with rules select “Set Up Welcome Screen”.

In the welcome screen, you can give a brief description of what the server is about and then direct them to any channels that may be relevant to a new member.

Once you have finished you can select Enable and your welcome screen will now be live on your server.

Best Discord Server Bots To Expand Your Server

Good discord servers need to have good bots with them. Because it enhances the server by providing many more features. Below are some of the best bots for your streamer discord server:


MEE6 is one of the best bots used in discord servers. This bot can act as a moderator of your server. Because you can set it to kick, ban or add people from your server. It can scan the chat and kick the people violating the rules. 

On the other side, it can also help with off-the-ground music for gamers. You can get a premium service of MEE6 per month, but we recommend taking a lifetime membership as it works out cheaper in the long run.

Dank Memer:

Dank memer is a free tool, and you can set memes of different topics in it with particular commands. By using these commands, you can get those specific memes again. You can also start affiliate advertisements with it by associating links to games, applications or self-promotion. 

Although this tool is free of cost, you can donate some money to its developers for more good bot goodies. By this, you will get more and more benefits from this bot for your discord server.

This bot provides you with a ticketing system that can be very helpful in business. You can get a premium membership and get more customization with tickets and translations. It will also bring more clients.  It may act to help the customer service team who tried to help their clients. 


Octave is the best bot for music and the most common bot among streamers discord because it provides you with some fantastic features of playing all music on YouTube and sound cloud on your voice channel. You can play, pause, replay or make a playlist on the octave. By getting its premium version, you can play lyrics and longer tracks with your stream. 

Idle RPG:

This bot is vital for gaming streamers. With the help of Idle RPG, you make your own character man, who will buy products for you and get married to other characters. Idle RPG is a vital tool of the discord streamer kit. 


Arcane is simply the moderator of your discord server. It can ban, kick and do other actions like a moderator. This bot can set on auto-voice moderation, which will help you to moderate your voice while streaming and maintain its quality to its maximum.  

It can scan chat and check the rules violations more nicely. And can strictly make sure the rule obligation. 


Medalbot is the bot for auto game-enhancing experience. This bot will let you make clips while game streaming and upload video on discord. This bot will also help you in allowing your video clips to arrange. 

Xenon: This bot act as a backup storage tool. This bot is helpful when something goes wrong with the discord server. First, you have to upload your template on this bot. 

Apollo: Apollo can act as a scheduler or event manager. This bot could be very important in the case of an ultra-size audience. You can also set up your discussion topics for a week using this bot. Tip.Cc can act for cryptocurrency tips on discord. 

There is no threshold or minimum value for tips. You can withdraw and deposit cryptocurrency in our wallet using friction. It supports almost 300 currencies. This bot can act for deals or gambling. 

Now live bot: You can use this bot for live streaming in discord and setting up a discord server for twitch and mixer. This bot is handy for gamers and live streamers. 

How To Stream In Your Discord

It is not difficult to start streaming on discord. Join a voice channel and click “Screen” or “Video” down here. While you stream, you can broadcast using a webcam or share what is on your screen like gamers.

Wrapping Up

After following this guide you should now have completely set up your discord, ready to start inviting your fans. Make sure to stay active in your discord and continually post unique content in the discord. This is a place where fans get a more personal experience with you and are more likely to come back to your stream if they have a good experience.

Enjoy networking in your new discord 🙂

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