Creating hot keys in Discord is one of the best ways to manage your discord while streaming. Want to mute your discord voice chat? Hit your hot key… Want to mute your mic so you can talk to chat? Hit your hot key…

Having hot keys to manage your stream will allow you to stay more focused and engaged with your chat.

Let’s jump in and take a look at how to add custom hotkeys in Discord.

How To Create Hot Keys In Discord

Hot keys in Discord are called Keybinds. Let’s go step by step through how to set them up.

Step 1 – Access Keybinds in Discord

To access the keybinds section in Discord go to Settings –> Keybinds. Here you will see the keybinds section where we can add new hot keys.

Step 2 – Creating A New Hot Key

To create a new hot key click on the “Add A Keybind” Button in the top right. When you click this a blank hot key will appear.

In the action menu you can choose the task that you want your hot key to perform. In the keybind section you can map this Action to a button.

As you can see below I have added a keybind for push to talk. I mapped it to Mouse3 on my mouse. This means I can hold this down easily on my mouse while playing if I want to say something to friends on discord.

Once you have picked your action and selected a button to perform the keybind you are finished. You can now use these Hot Keys/keybinds while gaming and streaming.

Default Hot Keys In Discord

Discord has a lot of default hot keys/keybinds built into the software. You can find all of these by going to Settings –> Keybinds and scrolling down.

Here is a full list of the keybinds shared by u/jimkats1 on Reddit


What Can I Use To Activate My Hot Keys?

You can use pretty much any input device on your computer to activate your hot keys. The keyboard is the most popular device for hot keys with a mouse coming in close second. However lots of streamers also use a stream deck to control certain hot keys. However the stream deck is normally used more with something like hot keys in streamlabs.

Some people even buy an external number pad for there computer to act as a cheap alternative to a stream deck.

What is The Best Keybind For Toggling Mute?

It is really up to you what key you feel most comfortable with using. However some good suggestions are:

  • Spare mouse buttons
  • Scroll lock (Some Mice have an LED to indicate you’re muted)
  • A Key on Your Num Pad

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you can now successfully set up your hot keys in discord and have a smoother more professional streaming setup. If you want to utilise hot keys even more in your stream setup check out how to set up hot keys in Streamlabs OBS.

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