Discord is a real marvel when it comes to communication nowadays. Most younger people you meet will have heard of Discord at some point or another, and that is for all of the best reasons.

The main reason Discord is so popular is the convenience of talking to people all around the world. In 2022, it is equivalent to the prime days of Skype years ago, when you would look in wonder as you could connect with anyone you wanted at the time.

Something that many introverted people appreciate when it comes to Discord is the ease of finding new friends and in some instances, love. Today we’ll be listing the best Discord dating servers of 2022 that you can join in hopes to find that special someone.

The Best Discord Dating Servers In 2022

Lounge 18+

Of course, not all servers are completely vanilla and SFW. Some of them have a decent amount of content only appropriate for adults. Lounge 18+ is one of them, but you can definitely find dating content there among other things that may or may not interest you.

In the Lounge, you are free to talk to members as you please and you can start group conversations that anyone can join in. It is not only good for dating, but also for making friends! Check out the Lounge here.


This is one of the most popular Discord dating servers based on active members. In this server, you are completely free to try to organize dates with people who have the same goal as you, and most members are open-minded and welcoming to new members.

The server is also accepting of LGBT+ individuals so it is generally considered a safe space. Join in on the fun here.


SocialHeaven boasts one of the most impressive community growths out of all the servers on this list, and that is mainly due to great moderation and a wide range of topics you can enjoy.

It is not strictly a dating server, as you also have other social events where you can make friends and play games with each other. However, this does not detract from the dating potential you will find here. If you want to join this server and have some fun, go here.

Allegiance 18+

Here we have another 18+ server, but it is not necessarily NSFW, but instead focuses on adults and their interactions so everyone can participate in the dating experience. The server frequently hosts a variety of events where you can interact with other people to learn more about them and win prizes.

Long-time members can also receive some perks for their loyalty, something other servers rarely do. Overall, if you’re looking for a relaxed space where you can try your hand at the dating scene, Allegiance 18+ is right here!

Chat Zone

Chat Zone is a fantastic server that is often regarded as one of the more relaxed dating servers out there. The reviews are great, with many people saying that the community is very welcoming of new people, which is something you might be hoping for if you’re reading this.

The text/voice chats are quite active all the time, so if you’re in the need of something or if you want to interact with people, it’s just a click away. Get into the Chat Zone here.

Night Lounge

Night Lounge is one of those servers that you can join and just be embraced by the community as you indulge in some good gaming, a gourmet meme selection, potential dating, and an overall chill atmosphere.

There are a lot of members on this server, so the moderators hold giveaways fairly often where anyone can join to have the chance of getting a prize. It’s a fantastic way of giving back to their community and if you want a go at the action, it’s here.

Dating Lounge

Moving on, we have a server that is exclusively dedicated to dating and giving people the opportunity to find their soulmates. Dating Lounge has a massive amount of members that enjoy talking and socializing with other people, so you should feel free to jump in and start talking.

The community is quite relaxed with all of the members being very welcoming towards new members. With that said, you can join the second-largest Discord dating server here.


Yet another very relaxed server, Assure is primarily about providing members with a safe space to talk to other people, date, play games, share memes, and anything else you might enjoy doing.

It’s active 24/7, so if you are ever in the need to talk to someone or you have nothing else to do, you can hop onto Assure and get to talking! It would be a real shame for you to miss out on this server, so we recommend you visit it here.


tbh is a very accepting and tolerant server that welcomes any new members with open arms no matter what. There are tons of voice and text channels that are always active so you can talk to members at any point in the day.

The community is incredibly chill and there are various events going on frequently, so if you feel awkward initiating conversation on your own, you can always join an event and get it going that way. Join tbh here.

Dating Palace

And finally, we have another server that is exclusively 18+ and offers opportunities for adults to talk to each other so they might form connections and find love.

It is medium-moderated, meaning that there aren’t many strict rules and you won’t get banned if you say something negative by accident.

LGBTQ+ people are warmly welcome here, so it is another safe space to look for like-minded people. If you want to enjoy one of the best dating experiences on Discord, go here.

Sinful 18+

Sinful is another 18+ dating server on Discord. Before being granted access to the server you will be required to verify your age and gender to a mod.

There are multiple channels in this Discord where you can upload photos as well as meet and talk to potential dating partners.

The server has a profile area where you can add what you are interested in. Check out the server here.

Wrapping Up

And there we go! Some of the best Discord dating servers you can join today and find a connection relatively quickly. We sincerely hope that you have found what you were looking for and that whichever server you choose, it is a perfect fit for you and your personality.

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