When you’re trying to choose the best monitor to act as an upgrade to your current gaming setup, you will never go wrong in choosing any MSI piece of tech. MSI monitors have proven themselves to be phenomenal instruments to improve your gaming experience, and the ones we are going to be talking about are the MSI Optix G241 and G271, 24″, 144Hz monitors with a wide viewing angle that are incredible for any form of eSports gaming.

The features these monitors are packed with are top-notch and will provide you with a superior gaming experience compared to other monitors on the market. Something that you will appreciate about these monitors is that they are fantastic not only for PC gaming but console gaming as well. We are going to outline some of the best MSI Optix G241/G271 settings for the PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X.

MSI Optix G241 Specifications

These beasts came out in 2020 and have remained a total hit in the gaming community ever since. They feature a large, 24″ screen with a very high 144Hz refresh rate as well as a snappy 1ms response time. The specs we have mentioned so far are very specific for high-level competitive gaming such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

When it comes to the appearance of the monitors, the MSI Optix G241 and G271 come in a frameless design encased in a sleek and modern frame. The inner workings of the monitors include FreeSync, which makes your experience more smooth, as well as Anti-Flicker, Night Vision, Blue Light Reduction, a 178-degree viewing angle, and many more that are great for any gamer.

Overall, the monitors are packed with everything you could ever need and is more than worth it for their $190 and $229 price points.

Best MSI Optix G241/G271 Settings For PS5 and Xbox Series X

The settings we will be listing here are general guidelines that every user of the G241/G271 should follow when looking for an optimal viewing experience. Likewise, these settings can just as easily be used for both PC as well as console gaming. There aren’t many console-oriented settings to follow, all you have to do is make sure that your monitor’s resolution and refresh rate match the ones of your console.

Since the OSD for the MSI Optix G241/G271 is fairly straightforward and simple, all you have to do is access your monitor’s settings by clicking on the menu button on the back of it and match the following settings.

Adjust Your Game Settings

These are just some general settings that will dictate how the most basic elements of the screen should look. They are straightforward and simple to change.

  1. Set your Game Mode to User
  2. Set your Black Tuner to 20
  3. Set your Response Time to Normal
  4. Leave Anti Motion Blur off
  5. Leave the Refresh Rate meter off
  6. Set your FreeSync option to On

Professional Settings

For these settings, you just want to set the Pro Mode to User and leave all of the other settings off. That’s all there is to it!

Image Settings

This is the final section of the settings and you will be happy to know that there isn’t much to do with these! All you have to do is to change the Brightness setting to 100 and leave all of the other settings to their default values. Something to pay attention to is that these settings are highly subjective and we recommend you take a look a the presets and change them according to your preferences. The base settings work on their own, but you should definitely take a look at all of your options.

Are The MSI Optix G241 and G271 Worth It For Gaming?

Given that these monitors are specially made for gaming, they are obviously a fantastic choice for any gamer looking for an upgrade to their setup. The sizeable screen coupled with the refresh rate and response time are great for competitive gaming and the additional quality features are great for keeping your eyes comfortable and the screen crystal clear. Overall, the MSI Optix G241 and G271 are awesome choices for gaming monitors and we highly recommend you consider one of them for your next purchase!

Wrapping Up

And there you have some of the best settings for the MSI Optix G241 and the G271, respectively. As you can see, these monitors are wonders of their time and should be strongly considered for an upgrade to your setup. We sincerely hope that you have found what you were looking for and that all of your questions have been answered!

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