VC is what makes the NBA 2K’s world go round. With NBA 2K23 now available to players, everyone is making their way to above an 85 rating. If you’ve chosen the path to grind instead of simply buying your way to the top, then this guide will help you decide your daily focus in the game to ensure that you earn a maximum amount of VC while enjoying the game.

How to Farm VC in NBA 2K23

To effectively farm VC every single day, we’re going to go through a set routine to help you traverse through the early-game as soon as possible. As soon as you log into the game, you’ll have a checklist of tasks that can be completed within a few hours to earn you over 10,000 VC every single day.

How does this work? We’re going to start with daily and weekly rewards that you can claim for the game, and move forward to different game modes within NBA 2K23 that you can play for the best amount of VC/hour.

NBA 2K23 Mobile App

VC Earned: Up to 600 VC/day

Before we even decide to launch the game, we’re quickly going to open up our mobile and download the NBA 2K23 mobile app (Available on Play Store and Apple Store). So, with this app on your mobile, you’re going to make sure that you claim daily rewards by simply logging in every single day. You can earn VC passively even if you decide not to hop into the court!

Complete Daily Trivia

VC Earned: 750 VC/day + Bonus VC (Can be anywhere between a 1,000 to 1,000,000 VC)

So, we’ve just gotten out of bed, and decided to hop onto NBA 2K23. The very first thing we’re going to do is open up our phone for the daily trivia.

Tap left on the D-Pad to bring up your phone. Here, you’ll see an app with an “X” titled as “X Trivia”  which allows you to answer a series of questions for a chance at earning yourself a good amount of VC.

If the prize pool is a million VC, and let’s say out of all the players, you were the ONLY one to get all the answers right, you would get the entirety of the amount. Otherwise, the prize is distributed equally among all participants that have answered the question correctly.

Other than that, the reward is 50 VC for answering each question correctly, which means if you know your basketball, you can earn 750 VC consistently everyday.

NBA 2KTV Trivia

VC Earned: 3000-4000 VC/week

You’re not ready to start playing just yet. The next step is to open up your Options and select 2KTV at the bottom. 

The 2KTV allows you to answer a series of questions weekly to earn VC. For each correct answer, you will receive anywhere between 100-200 VC. This week’s trivia had a total of 20 questions, allowing you to earn a nice 3800 VC reward by investing only 10 minutes of your time.

Every week that you find that a new episode has released, simply find the answers to the question as the community regularly updates them on Reddit. Complete the trivia to bag a few extra thousand and you’re good to go!

Daily Rewards

VC Earned: Up to a million VC (Rewards are randomized)

For the previous 3 methods, we can earn VC without having to go anywhere. Now, there’s a daily ‘spin’ prize that can be claimed at two different locations depending on your console generation. 

Current-Gen Daily Reward Location

The chest can be found at the Promenade for current gen players. To go there, you’re going to have to access an elevator, select the silver deck and tap on “Promenade”.

The chest can be found behind the deck of the ship, next to the bridge. Press ‘X’ to open the chest, and you’ll get a randomized reward.

Next-Gen Daily Reward Location

If you’re an owner of a next-gen console, then make your way to your affinity’s block. To find out your City Affinity, you can check it in the main menu in the MyPlayer tab. Select “Daily Rewards” on your City Map to mark your affiliation’s statue. Head to your respective block and go to the marker to claim your daily rewards from the statue of your team’s emblem.

Complete Daily Challenges

VC Earned: 1,000 to 5,000 VC/day

As you hop into MyCareer, you’ll notice daily challenges popping up. You’re not going to want to ignore these, as these can be easily completed by accomplishing a few simple steps while playing the game.

You will find these highlighted in the “Side” tab in your Quest Journal. The quests reset every day, and if you’re able to complete them before their daily rotation, you can get anywhere between a 1,000 to 5,000 VC along with other useful rewards.

Keep an Eye Out for the Event Schedule

There are random events in the game that players can contribute to. Event challenges are done by the entire team with a set amount of actions required within the week to be completed. Any player who participates will earn VC as a reward. The amount of VC you get ramps up as your contribution does too.

You can view the current events by opening up the menu and selecting “The City” and navigating to “Season Events”.

Play Now Online Matches

VC Earned: Up to 650 VC/match

Other than MyCareer, you can dive into the “Play Now Online” mode which is fairly simplistic and allows you to earn VC by playing matches against other players in the game. 400 VC is rewarded for playing a match, along with 150 VC should you win.

As you gradually progress in this mode, you will rank up and earn extra VC for advancing through the ranks along with new tiers. You’re not missing out on too much VC if you end up losing the game, and can easily make 2,000 VC in the span of 5 games while improving on the core mechanics of the game to prepare you for your high-rank matches.

Play in The Cages

The Cages are fairly unique in the sense that you will get to 2v2 or 3v3 players in the outdoor courts. You can access them by going to the “Silver Deck” by using the elevator. To maximize your earnings through VC and your chances of winning, you will have to make use of the trampolines to time your aerial boosts and score as much as possible.

Your rating, badges and attributes do not matter much within these matches, so it’s a pretty good way to earn VC without being frustrated by losses. You can outmaneuver your opponents simply based on skills.

Play MyCareer Games

VC Earned: 600-1,000 VC/game

The best and most traditional way to earn VC in NBA 2K games has been through MyCareer. You can complete the following objectives during your MyCareer playthrough to maximize your VC earnings.

City MVP Objectives

All of your City MVP tasks can be completed by earning MVP points in MyCareer by playing games, and challenges, and completing quests.

Complete All Quests

While you’re playing through MyCareer, make sure you’re tracking your different quests. These can be completed to earn additional VC while you enjoy MyCareer’s story.

Career Quests

Career quests can be completed in MyCareer where you will be completing objectives to unlock VC.

Amp Up the Difficulty

By playing on the hardest difficulty in NBA 2K23, you can earn 160% more VC. The games are harder, but the reward is definitely worth it. Playing on All-Star is more doable as Hall of Fame just turns the game into Dark Souls, and it won’t be long before a dragon’s dunking on you.

Wrapping Up

Follow each of the above methods in order up until you’ve claimed all of your daily rewards. In the end, you can choose to switch it up between cage, play online, and MyCareer matches to earn VC.

We’ve found it fun to play a few cage matches to blow off steam as they’re much more relaxed without you having to take into account the position of multiple players on the court.

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, it’s definitely a good idea to follow through with these steps, as they will make sure you earn the maximum amount of VC within a restricted time-frame. However, if you’re really busy, you can always use the ‘credit card’ method to skip all the grind and start enjoying the end-game instantly.

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