Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter is currently the most popular female streamer. With her public image, for the last few years, she has been fairly transparent about her past relationship. Like every fan, most of Valkyrae’s fanbase has been wondering if Valkyrae has a boyfriend as of now.

No. After Valkyrae’s recent breakup with her ex-boyfriend Michael Sherman, she is not dating anyone.

She does seem to have put up her guard and upgraded her standards when it comes to relationships as discussed by her in a recent podcast. We’re going to go over Valkyrae’s current dating life and what she has said so far regarding her most recent experiences with love.

Who Was Valkyrae Dating?

If you’ve been watching her streams and following her for a while, you’ll know that her most recent ex is Michael “Sonii” Sherman. They had been together for quite some time until they eventually parted ways in the January of 2021.

After their split, fans had speculated why this happened, attributing it to perhaps an abusive relationship between the two. Valkyrie’s comments on the stream regarding an abusive ex weren’t helpful to that either. As her viewers asked questions, she was quick to come to the front and defend Michael.

“Sonii was not. Sonii did nothing wrong ever. How dare you assume it was Sonii? I said ten years ago. This was my ex-ex, from a long time ago.”

Putting forward her clarification, she further added that she was still, in fact, in love with Sonii and said that the relationship ended due to a mutual agreement and generally bad timing.

Viewers were huge fans of Valkyrae and Sonii’s chemistry, and all of this is evident by how much the two respect each other even beyond their relationship.

Valkyrae’s Previous Relationships

Sonii and Valkyrae’s relationship had been public to their viewers for four years before things finally ended. Her companions before that aren’t known to the public, but she has been vocal about the impact these previous experiences have had on her as a person.

A rather toxic relationship that Valkyrae had been in for about five years ended up being her turning point. She remarks that although it wasn’t a wise decision to return to that person, it changed her for the better. Other than her high-school sweetheart, she had one more relationship, but both were draining and taxing to her overall mental health.

After finding out that her boyfriend had made his ex-girlfriend pregnant, Valkyrae decided that the best way to keep her mind occupied was to stay busy in internships and start working on herself.

Valk’s Advice to Her Fanbase

There’s a lot to relate to what Valkyrae has gone through in the past few years regarding relationships. Her experience as a whole and her ability to be transparent about it are admirable. In a podcast, she talks about how her standards are incredibly high now, but not in the way you think!

Her requirement for a boyfriend is now to have someone secure who can support her career whilst maintaining their own. It’s a mature realization and the ultimate one for everyone, eventually.

She’s Single and Nailing It!

The now 30-year-old influencer is the owner of 100 Thieves, with a marvelous career built around her name. Being titled the Queen of YouTube, she has had a total of 24 million hours of watch time from her fans during the pandemic alone. 

Valkyrae’s rise to stardom and financial independence has been a balanced one, and she has managed to prosper well beyond in her career without having to intermix her emotional and professional life. Although, we don’t expect her to be single for long as she is enjoying meeting new people!

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