TimTheTatman has gained a massive following of 7 million on his main channel on Twitch, and the Tatman army is growing strong and steadily as he makes waves in the streaming community.

Yes, Timothy John “TimTheTatMan” Betar does have a girlfriend. For the most part of his streaming career, he has been alongside his lovely wife Alexis, who he has been married to for the past 6 years now. They have been in a relationship since way before that, having initially met in high school.

Fans of the TatMan will often find him talking about his wife, or interacting with her on air. You might even see Alexis take over the stream every once in a while just to mess around a little.

The Two Highschool Sweethearts

You heard that right, Tim initially met Alexis in high school, but due to his immaturity, the two eventually ended up going their different ways. They started to date again in college, but the long distance would prevent them from ending up together yet again. It was as if fate kept pushing the two apart.

Soon enough, however, they would reunite and align their lives together to get married. In August of 2016, they came on stream to announce their union to the surprise of fans who didn’t know. He even went on to post a picture from the big day on Twitter.

How did the two manage to make it work? Well, Alexis is quite the sacrificing lady, as this time around, she wasn’t ready to let things slide for the third time in a row. Not only did she stand by Tim’s side during the early stages of his career, but even quit her job to move in with him.

Since the two had a spark ever since they met, it wasn’t long after being together that they decided to get married. Unfortunately, Tim couldn’t keep the proposal a surprise. Alexis had already found out about the proposal thanks to her father who mentioned that Tim had already asked for his blessing (that’s very sweet by the way).

He would then go on to book a vacation for the two and fake a few proposals here and there until finally getting down on one knee and asking for her hand in marriage.

Alexis is a Popular Gal

It wasn’t long before fans got used to Alexis’ presence on stream. As soon as she appeared, she became a favorite for the entire audience, and the viewers would often refer to her as ‘mom’. Even if Alexis would just pass by in the background, fans would try to get her attention.

Not only is Tim’s entire relationship with Alexis an extremely wholesome one, but she was also immediately accepted by the Tatman Army and welcomed as one of their own!

Regardless of the love she receives from the community, Tim tries to keep her life as private as possible, and she prefers it that way as well. Her minimal online presence points to this fact as nobody really knows what her socials are, or if they even exist.

Tim will post pictures of their family but refrains from tagging her in any of them. She hasn’t been swarmed by Tim’s fans in real life and well, is pretty happy with living through her normal day, away from the influencer life.

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