Fifa 23 is here and along with it comes four new skill moves. One of the most powerful new skills is the heel-to-ball roll. It’s an easy skill to pull off and can be devastating when combined with sprinting to give you a speed boost effect.

Let’s jump in and take a look at how you can do the heel-to-ball roll in Fifa 23.

heel to ball roll tutorial
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How To Do Heel To Ball Roll In Fifa 23

The heel-to-ball roll is a brand new 4-star skill move added to the game this year. This skill is a combination of the heel-to-heel and ball roll skills. You will need to ensure the player you are trying this skill with has four-star skills, otherwise, you are likely to lose the ball.

Below are the controller inputs required to pull off a heel-to-ball roll in Fifa 23:

Xbox – Hold LB and flick the Right Stick up then down quickly

Playstation – Hold L1 and flick the Right Stick up then down quickly

When To Use The Heel To Ball Roll

The Heel to ball roll is a great move to use when taking on defenders. It allows you to keep the ball close to your player and break into space. It can also be used in 1 v 1 situations allowing you to easily beat the defender/keeper.

You can combine the heel-to-ball roll with sprinting to get an overpowered speed boost.

Overpowered Speed Boost With Heel To Ball Roll

Below are instructions on how to use an overpowered speed boost with the heel-to-ball roll.

Playstation – While sprinting let go of R2 then immediately hold L1 and flick the right stick up then down then click R3

Xbox – While sprinting let go of RT then immediately hold LB and flick the right stick up then down and click the right stick

This is a powerful move to perform a speed boost and break past the last man. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Speed Boost Heel To Ball Roll

Wrapping Up

Now you can tear your opponent’s defence apart with this powerful 4-star skill move. You’ll now be able to break into open space more easily and score more goals.

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