Fifa 23 has finally dropped and there is a brand new shot type in the game. So far this looks to be the most overpowered shot in the game. You will definitely see it being used a lot when you jump into Division Rivals and Ultimate team.

In this article, we are going to cover how to perform the power shot and when the best time to use it is. Ohh, if you don’t like the new power shot animation, we will also cover how to turn that off!

How To Do Power Shots Fifa 23

Luckily the power shot technique is extremely easy to pull off. Simply use the following button combinations on your console.

Xbox – Hold LB + RB and press B to shoot.

Playstation – Hold L1 + R1 and press O to shoot.

When pressing the shoot button you should hold it down for approximately 3 bars of power. You can see these power bars underneath your player’s name in the bottom left corner of the screen.

It’s worth noting that if you are inside the penalty area, two bars of power are likely enough to hit your power shot successfully.

Power Shot Aiming

The power shot is a 100% manual shot. This means that there is no assistance at all when shooting. When you are taking a power shot you need to carefully aim with your left stick in the direction you want to shoot.

When Should You Use Power Shots In Fifa 23

The best time to use a power shot is when you have a lot of time and space in front of you. This gives your player the time to perform the power shot animation and get the shot off. You can use this shot from all areas on the pitch. It doesn’t matter where you hit from, if you have space the power shot is a great option.

When it comes to using the power shot there are a few other things to keep in mind.

The better your player is, the better the power shot will be. There are 3 main attributes that determine the level of power shot your player can hit.

  • Long Shots
  • Shot Power
  • Finishing Power

If your player has great stats in these attributes the outcome of your power shots will be a lot higher.

Can You Use Time Finishing With Power Shots?

Yes, you can use time finishing with power shots in Fifa 23. However, it is harder to get the timing right with a power shot than it is with a normal shot. To perform time finishing with a power shot do the following.

Hot a power shot as normal by holding L1 + R1 and pressing O. Right before your player hits the ball hit O again to perform a timed finish.

How To Remove Power Shot Animation

Follow the steps below to remove the power shot animation in Fifa 23.

  1. Go to your Fifa Home Screen
  2. Navigate to Customise –> Settings –> Game Settings –> Camera
  3. Scroll down to “Power Shot Zoom” and turn it off

Now when you perform a power shot in-game, you won’t get the zoom-in animation.

How To Cancel A Power Shot

You can cancel a power shot if a defender gets too close to you. Once you have started the Power Shot animation you can cancel it by performing a fake pass and changing direction.

To perform a fake pass hit Square then X quickly while changing direction. Do this after a power shot and it will cancel the power shot.

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to successfully hit insane power shots every time giving you a massive advantage over your opposition.

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