Genburten Twitch Streamer and Apex Legends Professional for Reignite | Photo from Twitter @Genburten
Full NameNoyan Ozkose
Date of BirthSeptember 20
Twitch Followers373,000

Who is Genburten?

Genburten is a 21-year-old professional Apex Legends for Reignite Gaming from Australia. His team recently won the ALGS: 2022 SPlit 2 Pro League held in Sweden. Genburten also has multiple 1st place finishes ranging from B-Tier to S-Tier tournaments.

According to his Twitch bio, he first played FPS games 16 years ago. He has 1 year of experience in using a mouse and keyboard and more than 15 years of experience in controllers.

Besides Apex Legends, Genburten also played Valorant. His highest rank was Radiant. He also reached Champion 3 in Rocket League. His skill rating in Overwatch is 4324. He is also a Global Elite in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Lastly, he is a Battlefield Pro.

He is currently studying medical science in Australia but he has expressed his plans to move to North America to expand his pro career.

Genburten Apex Legends Controller Settings

Genburten is currently using a PlayStation 4 Dual Shock controller that is customized by BattleBeaver. His coa ntroller has lesser bumper and sticks tensions. He does not use peddles or back buttons.

Here are his Apex Legends controller settings.

Advanced Look Controls

Deadzone0 – 2%Keep the stick drift as minimal as possible.
Outer Threshold3%He wants the range of motion on his controller for a consistent aim.
Response Curve0Genburten prefers a linear response curve because it provides a more natural aim feel.
Yaw Speed500
Pitch Speed500
Turning Extra Yaw0
Turning Extra Pitch0
Turning Ramp-up Time0
Turning Ramp-Up Delay0
ADS Yaw Speed130
ADS Pitch Speed130
ADS Turning Extra Yaw0
ADS Turning Extra Pitch0
ADS Turning Ramp-Up Time0
ADS Turning Ramp-Up Delay0

According to Genburten, he wants to replicate the mouse and keyboard experience while using a controller. This is the reason why his Yaw and Pitch Speed are maxed out to 500.

The other values are set to 0 because these may cause inconsistencies. He likened these settings to mouse acceleration whereas no professional mouse and keyboard players have their mouse acceleration turned on.

Genburten Apex Legends Controller Button Settings

Genburten uses a PlayStation 4 Dual Shock controller with a custom layout. Here is his button settings layout.

Genburten has this button layout as it allows him to easily reach for the buttons.

For example, his jump is bound to X which is close to his thumb. He can press both the right thumbstick and the X button simultaneously by using the body of his thumb.

Courtesy of Twitch @Genburten

You may try to emulate Genburten’s button layout. But the size of your hand is not the same as his. Hence, there might be better layouts suited for you. Feel free to try out everything first then customized them to your liking.

Genburten Video Settings

As a professional Apex Legends player, Genburten’s video settings are all minimal to ensure the maximum number of frame rates. Frame drops are inevitable in-game so these settings are chosen to reduce their effect when it comes to the game’s stability and smoothness.

Display Mode Full ScreenThis is to maximize frame rates.
Aspect Ratio16:9 (native)
Resolution1920 x 1080 (native)
Brightness50%Genburten mentioned that his monitor gets bright so he had to adjust its settings to 50%.
Field Of View (FOV)110This value provides more information on the screen. Less than 110 and his aim gets a little less consistent.
FOV Ability ScalingDisabledClick this to disable Bloodhound’s Ultimate or Octane’s tactical from adjusting your FOV by 10.
Sprint View ShakeMinimalKeep it minimal. You would not want your screen to shake whenever you run.
V-SyncDisabledYou do not need this especially if you have a high-refresh-rate monitor.
NVidia ReflexEnabled + BoostSet it to reduce latency and lag.
Adaptive Resolution FPS Target0
Texture Streaming BudgetVery Low (2GB VRAM)Setting to the lowest reduces the quality of your character model. It also helps to reduce complaints on his stream regarding the quality of his graphics.
Texture FilteringDisabled
Ambient Occlusion QualityMinimal

The other video settings were all set to low to reduce graphics card load and maximize frame rates.

The only thing that you might change to a higher value is the Model Detail. Turning it up a notch will help in spotting enemies in-game.

Genburten PC Setup

CPUIntel i9-10850K
MotherboardZ490 (model not specified)
Graphics CardGigabyte RTX 3080 10GB
Memory32 GB 3200 Mhz
Storage1 TB M.2 SSD | 2 TB HDD
Power Supply750W PSU
CaseCooler Master Case

Genburten’s PC setup does not have the latest CPU but it has one of the fastest graphics cards today – the RTX 3080. This setup is more than enough to play Apex Legends.

The RTX 3080 paired with the 10th gen Intel Core i9 processor is a powerful combo that could play and stream simultaneously.

Besides, Genburten plays the game at the lowest settings at 1080p resolution. It is a piece of cake for the RTX 3080.

We’ll keep you updated once Genburten acquires a new PC setup. In the meantime, check out our RTX 3080 Ti Monitors guide to find the best fit for you.

Genburten Peripherals

Monitor1080p 144hz monitor
KeyboardDucky 12 Mini 60% Mechanical Keyboard
MouseRazer Viper Ultimate
ControllerRegular Dualshock Controller
EarbudsHyper X Earbuds
MicrophoneBlue Yeti Nano Mic
CameraLogitech C920

Genburten uses the following peripherals to stream and play Apex Legends. He could have gone with a more sophisticated setup. However, his gaming PC partnered with these peripherals work well with his capabilities.

Moreover, if you are interested in streaming using the same peripherals, why not check out our stream gear guide for more options.

Our guides do not only include buying guides but we also have tips and tricks to make the most of your equipment.

Genburten is currently using the Logitech C920 camera and if you have one too, check out this guide to utilize it more.

Is Genburten Cheating?

No, Genburten does not cheat in Apex Legends. We now know the controller settings of Genburten as well as his PC setup and peripherals, and a strike pack is not one of them. His insane skills are the result of more than a decade of playing using a controller.

There are countless allegations that Genburten is cheating in Apex Legends. However, he has repeatedly debunked this claim by streaming using a hand cam and uploading his setup on his YouTube account.

Moreover, Reignite recently won the 2022 ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. If he is cheating then he would have been banned by the tournament organizers by then.

According to Genburten, his aim is training includes recoil control in the Apex Legends firing range. But the most important thing is positioning.

Wrapping Up

Genburten is a beast when it comes to Apex Legends. The aimbot monicker is even fitting as he can beam enemies from several meters away.

If you want to get started in Apex Legends, going with Genburten’s controller settings is one of the ways to go. It worked for him so why not try it with yours? Let us know in the comments how his settings helped your gameplay.

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