Are you finally getting good enough at your favourite game and thought you would try your chances at firing up a stream? If you have arrived at this article, chances are you have gone into Streamlabs, fired up your game and there is no audio.

You can probably hear your game sound but your audience can’t. That’s obviously not a great impression on your first stream. Don’t worry this is an easy fix. Let’s jump in and get started.

Streamlabs No Audio

When you have no audio in Streamlabs it is usually due to not having an audio source added to your mixer or you’re audio source being muted. To fix the problem simply add your desktop audio to your mixer or unmute the source you are unable to hear.

Below we have outlined exactly how to add new audio sources and ensure that your game audio is being picked up in Streamlabs.

How To Add Game Audio To Streamlabs

Adding different audio sources in Streamlabs is made easy by using the mixer. You may already have desktop audio and your microphone added to the mixer. Usually, when you add the desktop audio to your mixer you will be able to hear game sound.

How To Add Desktop Audio To Streamlabs

  1. Open Streamlabs
  2. Navigate to the settings tab
  3. Select Audio in the settings section
  4. Navigate to Desktop Audio Device 1
  1. Here selecting “Default” will select your computer’s default audio device. You can set this in your computer’s audio settings. If you use a different device as your primary audio source such as headphones, select them here.
  2. You will now see Desktop audio has been added to your mixer.

If you can’t hear game sound and you have desktop audio added to the mixer, it is likely that your game audio is routed through a different source. This could potentially be a set of headphones or earbuds you use to listen to the game audio.

If this is the case follow the steps below to add your headphones as an audio source in Streamlabs.

How To Add A Separate Audio Source To Streamlabs

  1. Identify in your game where the game audio is being sent to. You can usually find this in Settings –> Sound. For example, you can see I have my audio in Warzone set to Headset Earphones. We then need to add this source to Streamlabs so our audience can also hear the game sound.
  1. Open Streamlabs and navigate to Sources “+” –> Audio Output Capture –> Add Source
  1. Give your Audio Source a name (In this example I would use headphones).
  2. You will then see the Advanced Audio Settings tab appear. Here we need to select our device. In this example, I am selecting Headset Earphone because that’s the audio source I listen to my game through. You would select the audio source that you use in your game settings.
  1. Once you have selected your output source you can exit out of the Advanced audio settings tab.
  2. You will now see this audio source in your mixer and sources. Here you can adjust the game volume so it balances with your microphone allowing your audience to hear you.

Once you have added the same device that you have set in your game you will be able to hear your game audio in Streamlabs OBS.

Setting Your Default Audio Device

Generally, most people will want all their audio coming through their headsets while streaming. This would include Game Sound, Music, Discord etc.

The easiest way to achieve this in all programs is by setting your default sound device on your PC.

For example, if I want all the sound to come from my headset which is plugged into my Blue yeti Microphone I would use the setting below. You can adjust these for the device you want your audio to come from.

  1. Go to the start button on your PC and then search for Sound Settings
  1. When you are in your sound settings go to the Output section and Choose your output device. Here you should select the device that you want all your audio to come through. For me, this is Speakers (Yeti Stereo Microphone).

Once this is set, all of your games will default to this specific audio device. It will also mean that in Streamlabs, the default “Desktop Audio” Source, will provide your game sound.

If you use this method, you will not need to add the extra Audio source to OBS.

There may be times when you want audio coming from different devices which is where the first option we discussed should be used.

Balancing Your Sounds

When you are first going live it is important to balance your sounds. The two main sounds that need to be balanced are your microphone and game sound.

You should play around with these by adjusting the sliders in your mixer.

Do some test recordings before going live so you can listen to the levels. Once you get them dialled in you can hit Go live and start streaming to the world.

Depending on the game you are playing you may have to adjust these settings as some games will be louder than others.

Wrapping Up

Now both you and your audience should be able to hear your game sound from Streamlabs OBS. Enjoy streaming to your audience!

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