Do you think you’ve been banned from a channel on Twitch? Maybe you have said something you shouldn’t have or tried to share links in the chat when you’re not allowed to. If you made a genuine mistake you may be upset to find out that you are banned from a channel. In this article, I am going to show you how to check if you have been banned and how you can potentially get unbanned.

Let’s jump in and find out.

How To Check If You Are Banned From A Channel On Twitch?

If you suspect that you have been banned on a channel’s Twitch chat, there is a couple of ways to check if you have or not.

How do I know I am banned from a Twitch channel? If you navigate to your follower list on Twitch and cannot see the channel you think you have been banned on, you have been banned from their chat. You can also just go to the channel that you think you are banned from and try to post in the chat. If you are unable to post in the chat then you are banned from that channel.

What Happens When You Are Banned From A Channel On Twitch

When you are banned from a channel on Twitch it comes with a set of consequences. Below are the ramifications of being banned on a Twitch channel:

  • Won’t be able to chat on the streamer’s channel
  • You will not be able to whisper to the streamer
  • You will not be able to host that channel
  • You will not be able to refollow that channel
  • You will not be able to buy Subs on that channel

So, as you can see, there are some real consequences to getting banned in a Twitch chat. Make sure to follow the rules of a streamer chat to avoid being put on a ban list. You may have been thinking about creating another account so you can go back into that streamer’s chat and continue talking to people but is it possible?

Are Twitch Channel Bans An IP Ban?

Yes, when you get a channel ban on Twitch, you are also IP banned from that channel. This means that you are unable to create secondary accounts as they will also be banned from chatting in that channel. When a streamer applies a ban to someone in their chat it automatically bans that IP address from the channel.

If you’re a streamer yourself and you think that someone is repeatedly coming back to your channel on new accounts, it is possible that they are using a VPN. This allows them to circumvent the IP ban. Usually, this won’t happen as it does take a lot of extra work for someone to do. However, some trolls are persistent and may keep coming back.

How Can I Get Unbanned From A Channel On Twitch?

If you do find yourself banned on a streamer’s channel, don’t worry. Twitch has a feature in their system were you are able to request an unban on the channel. As long as the streamer has the unban feature enabled on their stream you should try this method:

  1. Go to the chat column of the channel you are currently banned in
  2. Send you unban request message via the chat column interface

In this unban request section you can explain the situation to the streamer, potentially apologise and get back in their chat.

When the streamer reviews your unban request you will be able to see in the chat column whether your request has been granted or denied by the streamer/moderators.

How To Avoid Getting Channel Bans On Twitch?

If you don’t want to end up on your favourite streamers’ ban list, there’s one simple thing you can do to avoid it. Read and follow the rules they have set out on their channel. Use your common sense to avoid annoying the streamer or anyone in chat.

Even if you are following the rules of the channel you could accidentally end up on the wrong side of a ban. If this happens, you should use the unban request feature to plead your case.

We recommend checking out our list of banned words on Twitch to stay on the safe side.

How Long Does A Channel Ban Last On Twitch?

If you get banned on a Twitch channel it could potentially be permanent however streamers do also have the ability to give you a temporary ban or timeout. If you are a first-time offender in chat you are much more likely to receive a temporary ban from the channel. If you have been a repeat offender of breaking the chat rules you may find yourself on the other end of a permanent chat ban.

You may also find yourself timed out in a streamer’s channel. This could be through a bot they use to moderate their chat. If you are posting words on their blacklist or posting links the bot may time you out for a pre-determined amount of time. When the time runs out you can go back to posting in the chat. Usually, the bot will give you a warning before timing you out.

How To Check If You Are Banned On Twitch

If you are a streamer you may be worried about a complete ban on Twitch. This is obviously the worst thing that can happen to a streamer. Twitch call this a suspension. There is a temporary suspension and an indefinite suspension.

If you do get a suspension you will receive an email from Twitch letting you know that you have been suspended and how long for. When your channel is suspended you will be unable to access the features below:

  • Watching streams
  • Broadcasting
  • Chatting
  • Creating other accounts
  • Appearing/participating in the stream of a third-party channel. If a banned user appears in a third-party channel while being suspended, this could cause the ban of the channel they appear in.

You will not even be allowed to log in to your Twitch count on the days you are suspended.

To avoid getting banned check out our article on 7 things that will get you banned on Twitch.

Twitch Ban Checker

If you want to check if your account is currently banned you can use the Twitch Insights “Check User” Tool. Just insert your username and it will check the status of your account currently.

What Happens My Subs If I Get Banned On Twitch?

Twitch states that if you receive a suspension of 30 days or longer, any subscriptions you have will not renew. You may reactivate them when your account is reinstated.

How To Appeal A Ban On Twitch?

If you feel that your account has been incorrectly suspended you can appeal your ban. Click here to go to Twitch’s page where they lay out the steps to appeal a ban on Twitch. From what we have heard in the community not many people get their bans overturned.

How Long Do Twitch Bans Last?

A Twitch ban can last anywhere from 1 day to indefinitely. Temporary suspensions range from 1 to 30 days. If you get multiple temporary suspensions it may lead to your account being indefinitely suspended.

When a Twitch ban is complete, expect your follower count to be lower and then recover within the following hours after the ban.

Wrapping Up

That is everything you need to know about bans on Twitch. Hopefully, this information helps you keep out of trouble and avoid any bans on Twitch. Below are some more frequently asked questions about bans on Twitch.


Can I Still Watch A Channel If I Am Banned In Chat On Twitch?

Yes, even if you are banned from a channel you will still be able to watch their content. However, you will not be able to interact with them or their chat.

Will Using Cheats On Twitch Get Me Banned?

Yes, using cheats on Twitch can get you banned. Twitch state in their Terms of service that any cheats or hacks that give you an advantage in online multiplayer are against the rules and therefore could lead to a ban.

Cheating is bad for gaming in general and we definitely do not support it here at Get on Stream. For the sake of online gaming don’t use cheats…

How To Play Music On Twitch Without Getting Banned?

If you play copyright-protected music on Twitch it may lead to a ban on your channel. It’s not worth the risk of playing it. We recommend checking out a service like Pretzel Rocks which has thousands of copyright-free songs available for you to play on your channel without worrying about a ban.

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