If you’ve streamed for any length of time on Twitch you will know that trolls regularly enter your chat, trying to get under your skin. The best way to deal with trolls is to completely ignore them, delete their messages and then ban them from your chat.

In this article we are going to show you how to delete single messages and block a user in your Twitch chat. Whether you’re a mod or it is your own channel these steps will work.

How To Delete A Message In Your Twitch Chat

Deleting a message in your Twitch chat is really simple however you do need to turn on a setting called “Show Mod Icons”. By default this is turned off and will need to be turned off before you can delete messages in chat. Follow the steps below to turn on show mod icons:

  1. Open twitch.tv and click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner. From the dropdown select Creator Dashboard.
  2. In your creator dashboard go to your chat section –> Click on the Settings Icon –> Slide the “Show Mod Icons” to on.
  1. Once this is on, you will see some extra icons beside beside your messages in chat. To delete the message click on the delete button.
  1. Once deleted you will see a message confirming that the chat has been deleted.

How To Timeout Someone On Twitch

You can also time someone out in your chat when you turn on mod icons. To this follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your chat
  2. Click on the the little clock icon to time that person out

This means that the person will not be able to post anything else in chat for 600 seconds. Unfortunately there is currently no way to change the amount of time inside Twitch. However you can set different lengths of timeout with some 3rd party tools such as FrankerfaceZ.

How To Ban Someone In Twitch Chat

When you have mod icons enabled you can also ban someone from this section. Follow the steps below to ban someone in your chat.

  1. Open your Twitch Chat
  2. Click on the Ban Icon on the far left
  3. This will ban the person from posting in your chat

How To Use Commands To Time Someone Out

You can also time someone out in your chat by using a command built into twitch.

/timeout [username] 1s [reason]

This will timeout the specific user for 1s and let them know why they have been timed out.

Can You See Deleted Comments On VODs

No, if a comment is deleted during the stream it will not appear in the VODs. You will still see the “message has been deleted” comment appear in place of the comment. Comments on Twitch VODs appear at the same time they did in the live stream.

Can You Change The Timeout Length On Twitch?

No, you cannot change the timeout length on Twitch. It automatically defaults to 600 seconds. If you want to time people out for custom timeframes you will have to use a third party app such as FrankerfaceZ.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about deleting a message in your twitch chat. You can now easily keep them trolls away with this in your tool box.

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