Have you just picked up a brand new MSI monitor to add to your gaming set-up. If you like to play fast-paced, action-packed shooters where milliseconds matter then you may have opted for a monitor that supports 120 FPS. However, lots of people purchase monitors but aren’t getting the most out of them, due to not setting up the monitor correctly.

In this article, we are going to cover how to enable 120FPS on your MSI monitor. Let’s jump in and get started.

What MSI Monitors Support 120FPS?

The first thing you need to check is whether or not your monitor supports 120FPS. To do this you need to check the refresh rate of your monitor. This is measured in HZ. A lot of monitors come in either 60hz, 144hz, 165hz or above. If your monitor is over 120hz you will be able to enjoy your games at 120 FPS.

Below is a list of the most recent monitors from MSI that support 120 FPS. If you don’t see yours on the list, just do a quick google search for the monitor model and check what the refresh rate is. If it is 60hz unfortunately you will only be able to enjoy your games at 60FPS.

Monitors That Support FHD 120FPS

MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR (Launch in January)Oculux NXG253R (3rd of February launch)
MPG ARTYMIS 323CQR (Launch in April)Optix MPG341QR (Launch in May)
MPG ARTYMIS 273CQRX (Launch in April)Optix MPG321UR (Launch in May)
MPG ARTYMIS 273CQR (Launch in April)Optix MPG321QRF (Launch in May)
MAG ARTYMIS 324CP (Launch in April)Optix MAG274QRF-QD
MAG ARTYMIS 274CP (Launch in May)Optix MAG274QRF
Optix MPG341CQROptix MAG274R
Optix MPG341CQRVOptix MAG273R
Optix MPG27CQ2Optix MAG273
Optix MPG27COptix MAG272QP
Optix MPG27COptix MAG272QP
Optix MAG322CQROptix MAG272QR
Optix MAG322CQRVOptix MAG272R
Optix MAG322CROptix MAG271R
Optix MAG321CQROptix MAG271V
Optix MAG272CRXOptix MAG251RX
Optix MAG272CQROptix G273QPF (21th of January launch)
Optix MAG272CROptix G272
Optix MAG272COptix G271
Optix MAG271CQROptix G242
Optix MAG271CROptix G241
Optix MAG271CCreator PS321QR
Optix MAG241CR
Optix MAG241C
Optix MAG240CR
Optix MAG24C
Optix AG321CQR
Optix AG321CR
Optix G32CQ4
Optix G32C4
Optix G27CQ4
Optix G27C7 (14th of January launch)
Optix G27C6P (14th of January launch)
Optix G27C6 (14th of January launch)
Optix G27C5
Optix G27C4
Optix G27C2
Optix G24C6P (14th of January launch)
Optix G24C6 (3rd of December launch)
Optix G24C4
MSI Monitors With FHD 120 FPS Support

How To Enable 120FPS On MSI Monitors

While all MSI monitors are slightly different, the following steps should allow you to ensure your monitor is running at the correct refresh rate. Follow the steps below to ensure that your MSI monitor is running at 120hz or above:

  1. Turn on your MSI Monitor
  2. Open the Settings Menu. Here you will be able to see your current refresh rate along the top bar. You can see on this screen it currently states 60 HZ. This means that your console is currently outputting 60hz to the monitor. If that is the case you need to adjust settings on your PS5 or Xbox. If it states here 120hz this means that you are currently playing at 120hz and will be able to see 120FPS.

How To Enable 120FPS On Xbox

To get your Xbox Series X/S to output 120FPS you need to adjust the video settings on Xbox. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Open the settings section on your Xbox
  2. Navigate to General Settings –> TV & Display Options
  3. Under the Display Section change the Refresh Rate from 60hz to 120hz.

Now go back to your MSI monitor and pull up the settings panel. You should now see that it says 120hz. You may need to turn the monitor on and off before seeing this.

How To Enable 120FPS On PS5

If you are playing on the PS5 you will need to enable performance mode on your console to enable 120 FPS gameplay. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the settings screen on your PS5
  2. Go to Saved Data & Game/App Settings Menu
  3. Go down to Game presets
  4. Select Performance Mode under “Performance Mode or Resolution Mode

You have now enabled Performance mode on your PS5 and should be able to play any compatible games at 120 FPS. Head back to your monitor settings screen and ensure that it now states the monitor is at 120hz. You may need to turn it off and on before seeing the change.

Wrapping Up

So that’s how you enable 120 FPS on MSI monitors as well as the PS5 and Xbox. You can now enjoy your games at the highest possible refresh rate, giving you an edge over the competition.

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