One of the biggest aspects of Twitch culture is the emotes. If you are new to Twitch chat you might be confused at first. There’s likely lots of random little emotes flying through the chat. These emotes all have their own meaning and different streamers have custom emotes.

After spending a few days in Twitch chat you will start to understand what each emote is and why it is used. One of the most popular emotes is the Kappa emote. It is generally used to convey sarcasm or trolling in chat.

You may have even spotted a “Golden Kappa” emote in chat and wondered how you can use it. It is one of the big mysteries on Twitch with lots of rumours about how you can get and use the emote. Well, it’s actually not that complicated. Let’s jump in and find out how you can use the Golden Kappa emote on Twitch.

Golden Kappa Emote
Golden Kappa – Twitch

How To Use The Golden Kappa Emote On Twitch

The Golden Kappa is a Twitch Easter egg and is shown at random based on a random number generator. Every so often you will post a kappa emote and it will be golden randomly. It is expected that if you are active in Twitch chat using the Kappa emote, you can get the Golden Kappa once every two days.

So, you don’t have to do anything special or be some sort of Twitch VIP to use the emote. It’s just an Easter egg built into Twitch.

If you keep posting the emote, sooner or later you should see the Golden Kappa appear beside your name.

What Does The Kappa Emote Mean?

The Kappa emote is often used to convey irony or sarcasm. It’s usually used when someone is making a joke, “trolling”, or mocking someone in a friendly way. The Golden Kappa emote has the exact same meaning, except it is golden!

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to know about the Golden Kappa Emote. There is no secret on how to get it. It is just selected at random when posting the standard kappa in chat. If you want to see more Golden Kappas then you should post more in chat!

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