KKona emote meaning, origin, & uses

As a global BTTV emote, KKona is widely available and can be seen and used by anyone who has the BTTV extension installed. KKona is a cropped photo of an American streamer Konas Korner.

What is the Meaning of the KKona Emote?

KKona is often used to mock American streamers who at the moment are acting stereotypically American. This emote and the word “KKona” is now also considered Twitch Slang for “redneck,” “hillbilly,” and a stereotypical American.

How to Use the KKona Emote

KKona is one of the global BTTV emotes, which means that anyone using the Better Twitch TV browser extension can see it when KKona is typed in any streamer’s chat. If you want to use it, you can install the BTTV extension.

  1. Go to BTTV’s website and download the BTTV browser extension for whichever browser you use. Install and activate it, and you should be good to go! If the emote isn’t showing up, refresh your browser. It may take some time, but it’ll show up in no time.
  2. BTTV has additional features that you can take advantage of by going into the settings. Click on the gear under any chat box in a Twitch channel, and check out the settings there.

What is the Origin of KKona?

Konas Korner, also known as Kona, is an OG Twitch streamer who has been streaming for more than 17 years. He started on Twitch back when it was still Justin.tv.

KKona is cropped from a picture of Konas Korner that was taken at a Comic-Con back in 2010. Kona himself talks about the origin of the emote in this clip, which also shows the original photo.

KKona was uploaded to BTTV in 2015 by the team behind BTTV, NightDev. They made it one of the select few global emotes on the extension/service.

A variant, KKonaW, was added to FFZ back in 2017. The W stands for wide, which means it’s simply an extra zoomed-in closeup of KKona.

When Should I use the KKona emote on Twitch?

You can use KKona when a streamer or other chatter is saying anything that is stereotypically American.

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