The FailFish emotes on Twitch are spammed when a streamer fails on a supposedly easy task. It is usually used when someone makes a mistake that leads to death or requires the streamer to repeat a game segment. The FailFish emote is used in the same manner as the well-known FacePalm emote.

What Does The FailFish Emote Mean?

What is FailFish on Twitch? FailFish is an analog facepalm gesture used to show disappointment. Viewer’s use this emote to troll a streamer making stupid and very wrong mistakes in the game due to slow comprehension. If you cannot get the emote by typing its name, you should install a Better TwitchTV (BTTV) browser extension.

How to Use the FailFish Emote

To send the FailFish to an emote, type the name and click send. Alternatively, type a colon, start typing the word FailFish, then select the emote from the dropdown list that appears as you continue to type.

If you cannot find FailFish using these steps, click the smiley face on your chat box, and all the available emotes will appear. Click on FailFish to add it to your message.

The search options above will be successful only if you have installed Better Twitch TV or FrankerFaceZ browser extensions. Here is how to install the extensions:

Visit either the Better Twitch TV or FrankerFaceZ website and download the appropriate extension for your browser. Check your Downloads and follow the installation prompts. With the extensions, you can now see and use FailFish.

What is the Origin of FailFish?

The image representing FailFish is a picture of a streamer called Tim Mines. He once placed his hand on his face with closed eyes in disappointment during a Livestream. This created a perfect variant of FacePalm and became a hit in-stream chats.

When Should I use the MonkaW emote on Twitch?

You should use the FailFish emote on Twitch when you are disappointed with a streamer who makes dumb mistakes that causes them to fail on a simple task because they are being sluggish.

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