Have you been in a Twitch chat and seen the word Malding being used. Over the past year or so it seems to be getting more and more popular. What exactly does Malding mean though? Let’s jump in and take a look.

What Does Malding Mean On Twitch?

The word Malding on Twitch comes from a combination of the words “Mad” & “Balding”. As you might imagine Malding means that you are mad and balding at the same time. We see the word being used commonly when viewers are trolling the streamer, saying that they are going bald because they are mad all the time.

You can see a deeper explanation of what Malding means in the video below:

Malding On Twitch

Where Did The Word Malding Originate?

While the word Malding has been popularized on Twitch, it has actually been around much longer than that. It has been in the Urban Dictionary since 2011. Urban Dictionary describes Malding as:

“When someone is expressing a large magnitude of rage, often over something relatively small, that the stress they are giving upon themselves causes their hair to fall out (thus, balding). Portemanteau of “mad” and “balding”.

When Did Malding Become Popular On Twitch?

The Word Malding started to become popular in Fosens chat. Forsen became popular in 2016 when he blew up playing Hearthstone. He would often get mad during games and his chat was trolling him about getting mad. They would say things like, “So bad, so mad”. This eventually changed to “So bald, so mad” and lastly changed to “So bald, So Mald”. People then started to use the word Mald or Malding on it’s own on Twitch.

Wrap Up

You now know where the word malding originated and what it actually means. This means you can confidently use the word on Twitch knowing what it actually means, rather than throwing around a term just because everyone else is doing it.

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