There are multiple chat bots out there available to streamers! They all do a great job at managing your chat but some end up costing you money. With Fossa Bot you never have to worry about being charged. In this article we are going to show you how to set up fossa bot on Twitch.

Some of the biggest streamers such as Myth, HasanAbi and Sodapoppin use Fossabot to manage their stream chat. Let’s jump in and get started.

Fossabot Main Features

Before we jump in and get started you can see some of the main Fossabot features below:

  • Commands
  • Timers
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Spam Filters
  • Audit Logs
  • Integrations

How To Set Up Fossa Bot On Twitch

How To Link Fossabot To Twitch

To get Fossabot set up on your Twitch channel, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and click on “Login With Twitch”. You will need to authorize Fossabot to access your Twitch account so it can read your chat and moderate.
How to setup Fossabot 1
  1. Once Fossabot is linked to your Twitch channel we need to add it as a moderator in our chat. To do this go to and navigate to your chat. In chat type ‘/mod fossabot’. This will add Fossabot as a mod allowing it to execute commands and type in chat.
How to set up fossabot 2

You have now set up Fossabot on your Twitch channel and can start customising it to your liking. Let’s take a look at all of the different features inside Fossabot.

Fossabot Dashboard

The first thing you see when you log in to Fossabot is your Dashboard. This is where you can keep an eye on everything your bot is doing as well as edit some aspects of your stream such as Title and Game.

fossabot 3

You can also quick add phrases that you want to be blocked under ‘bot controls’ and mute the bot if you want it muted for a period of time.

How To Set Up Commands On Fossabot

Commands are one of the main features in Fossabot. Commands allow a viewer to a “command” in chat and have something returned to them. This could be something like their account age or the emotes available in chat.

How To Set Up Default Commands On Fossabot

Fossabot comes with a lot of built in commands as well as the ability to create your own custom commands. Below are all of the default commands available in Fossabot.

You can activate any of these commands in Fossabot by navigating to Commands –> Default Commands and click the switch to enable to commands you want.

How To Set Up Custom Commands On Fossabot

Fossabot also has the ability to set up your own custom commands. This can be stuff like a !flip which automatically flips a coin in the chat and returns heads or tails. If you know how to use the variables for the commands you can come up with some really creative commands.

Let’s take a look at how you can set up a new custom command in Fossabot. We will use the !flip command as an example. Follow the steps below to set it up:

  1. In Fossabot navigate to Commands –> Custom Commands
  2. Click on ‘create’
  3. You will now see the command creator screen

In the command creator screen there is a few elements you need to fill in.

Name – This is what viewers will use to trigger the command. For the coin flip command the user would type !flip in chat to activate the command.

Response – The response is what the bot responds with, when the command is triggered. For the coin flip command we use a combination of code and text; The coin landed $(rngphrase Heads, Tails). $(rngphrase Heads, Tails) allows the bot to respond 50/50 between Heads or Tails.

Cooldowns – The Global cooldown is how often the command can be used by anybody in chat. The User cooldown is how many times a single user can use the command in chat.

Roles – Roles is who can use the command. For the tail flip command anyone can use it so we put in “Non Subscriber”. There may be other commands that you only want mods to use it or only want subscribers to use it.

These are the main features when setting up a new custom command in Fossabot.

Fossabot Variables Available

If you want to read more into all of the variables you can use in Fossabot check out the documentation. You can use these variables to create some amazing custom commands that are unique to you.

You can also check out all of xQcOW commands here. You can use these for inspiration on your own stream.

How To Set Up Keywords In Fossabot

Keywords on Fossabot are a great way to answer repetitive questions without having to address them manually. For example when streamers are playing Warzone, lots of people ask them about their class setup.

By setting the word ‘class’ as a keyword we can trigger an automatic response that sends users to our class setup video on Youtube.

To do this navigate to Keywords in Fossabot. Click on Create. You will then see the keyword screen below:

Give your keyword a name and then enter the response you want to show when someone triggers the keyword.

In the phrases section, this is where you will add keywords or phrases that should trigger the bot, to reply with your response.

You can then edit all of the other settings if you want to filter when your bot actually sends the message.

Click on ‘Save’ and your keyword bot will now be set up, ready to go.

How To Set Up Times In Fossabot

A timer in Fossabot allows you to post stuff regularly in your chat. This might be something such as an affiliate link you promote. For example, if you promote Scuff controllers you may want to send your affiliate link into the chat every 5-10 mins during your stream.

To set up a timer, navigate to timers and click on ‘Create‘. Here you can fill in the specifics of your timer.

fossabot timers

Name – Name of your timer

Intervals – This is how often you want your timer to trigger. You have the option to set this for when you are online as well as offline.

Minimum Lines – This feature allows you to set the minimum number of messages in chat before the bot will trigger again. This is great as it stops the bot from posting right after itself if you have a smaller chat.

Commands – If you want to bot to trigger a command you can select the command here.

Messages – If you want your bot to send a message you can add that message here. As you can see I have added a Scuff discount message.

Games – If you only want the timer to trigger when a certain game is being played on stream then you can add the game here. This is great if the timer is based around a game. For example explaining how to claim drops in a game.

Title Keywords – Title keywords allows you to only trigger the timer when there is a certain keyword in the title of your stream.

Once you have filled in all relevant info click on the ‘Save’ button to save and activate your timer.

We have now covered all the main features on Fossabot. Next up is the moderation section.

Moderation On Fossabot

Fossabot has a great moderation section which will help to keep your chat clean and free from anything which could possibly break Terms of Service.

Blocked Terms

In the blocked terms section you can add in any words or phrases that you don’t want to appear in chat. If a user posts something including this word or phrase they will receive a message explaining why they can’t post that and will get timed out for a specified amount of time.

Spam Filters

Fossabot has an amazing built in Spam filter. You can activate these by going to Spam Filters in Fossabot and clicking on Create. When you click on create you will see a drop down with all of the default spam filters you can add to your chat.

These filters help to keep your chat free from links, spam, malware and bot accounts. You can come in here and activate the ones you feel are relevant to your chat.

Wrapping Up

You have now successfully set up Fossabot in your Twitch chat. Your chat will now be a much cleaner friendlier place with all of these moderation tools in place, not to mention the time you will save not having to answer repetitive questions.

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