Full Name Nathan Chan
Date Of Birth13 May, 1993
TeamToronto Defiant
Twitch Followers227,000
KarQ Overwatch 2 Settings

KarQ Career History

Nathan “KarQ” Chan started his gaming adventures through everyone’s favorite medieval MMO, RuneScape. After getting banned from there, he found an alternative video game to pour his time into; Call of Duty, where he discovered his love for first-person shooters. As he played, he made a few uploads on his YouTube channel every now and then playing different games but didn’t get enough traction until the release of Overwatch in 2016.

When he started pushing out more content for Overwatch, the YouTube algorithm blessed him and he ended up gaining 200,000 views on one of his videos, after which his channel started growing at a steady pace. This became his primary source of income, and he chose to take his popularity from YouTube to Twitch. One thing led to another, and he started playing for Toronto Defiant in Overwatch.

Nathan’s overall playstyle with every hero is fairly balanced, and is further strengthened by his aim precision with a 2.90 sensitivity and 1600 DPI; both of which he is extremely used to. He actively plays in different roles, and manages to be his team’s shield/support/weapon with no trouble whatsoever.

Moreover, KarQ has a lot of knowledge regarding the game, and he uploads various tutorials to help his community improve.

KarQ Overwatch Mouse Settings

cm = 360°N/A
KarQ Overwatch 2 Mouse Settings

KarQ Overwatch Crosshair Settings

Show AccuracyOff
Crosshair Length11
Center Gap6
Outline Opacity20
Dot Size0
Dot Opacity0
KarQ Overwatch 2 Crosshair Settings

KarQ Video Settings

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Graphics QualityLow (Shadows Ultra)
KarQ Video Settings

KarQ PC Specs

CPUIntel Core i9 7980XE
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
CaseAcer Predator Orion 9000
KarQ PC Specs

KarQ Setup Peripherals

MonitorAcer Predator XN3
MouseLogitech G Pro Wireless
KeyboardKeychron K4
KarQ Setup Peripherals

Wrapping Up

Over the years in Overwatch, players have improved dramatically, and KarQ has come a long way since the game’s initial state in 2016. With his behemoth Predator Orion 9000, he plays the game at a fixed refresh rate of 210-240 Hz with specific tweaks like Shadows set to Ultra to keep himself aware of any flanking enemies.

If you’d like to learn more regarding his setup, feel free to check out this video, in which he picks out important details and settings that you need to have enabled/disabled in order to gain a competitive advantage

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