NBA 2K23 took everything good from the previous NBA 2K games and refined it into something truly one-of-a-kind. The supreme build diversity and smooth gameplay set NBA 2K23 apart and make for a phenomenal experience when playing the game. 

The customization is where NBA 2K23 truly shines. Players can choose the position of their choice and customize characters and their attributes down to the minute details. That makes engineering your dream build for any position easy work. Let us take a look at how you can create the best Center build in NBA 2K23.

The best Center build in NBA 2K23 comprises a really tall (duh!) Center with the focus being on both offensive and defensive abilities and stats related to rebounds and flashy finishers for that mega oomph we so greatly desire.

The exact stats and settings are mentioned below to create a powerhouse Center build in NBA 2K23. The focus on the Center-related attributes means having to give up on some other skills to cut corners. More on this is discussed later.

So, without further ado, let us dive in and create the best Center build in NBA 2K23!

Best Center Build In NBA 2K23

Let us take a look at the best Center to build in NBA 2K23 so you can ball like a pro and make the other team cry. Centers are also known as The Five and focus on both offensive and defensive plays near the hoop. 

The build discussed in this article leans a bit more towards the defensive while still having devastating shooting skills so you can bully your opponents in style with your new favorite Center build. Let us have a look:

Body Settings

Your character’s basic bodily features matter quite a bit in a game such as NBA 2K23. Centers are giants who fight their battles in the skies. The Center’s main job is defending the other team from scoring and catching rebounds to score on the other side. 

NBA 2K23 allows players to set everything from their character’s height, and wingspan, to body type. Let us see the ideal settings for a beast of a Center.

The following Body settings are ideal for our best Center build:

  • Height: 6’11’’
  • Weight: 240 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’5’’
  • Body Type: Defined

These Body attributes guarantee a fantastically giant Center with just the right balance of bulk and defined agility.

Attribute Potential

Attributes for the best Center build in NBA 2K23 will have a balanced Defense/Offense with the slightest emphasis on Defense. The dribbling and ball control might be nothing to write home about, but this build has not gotten any complaints so far!

A Center is an agile beast whose main job revolves around preventing the enemies from scoring and scoring ON the enemies.

Next up, let us create a powerful Center  with the perfect Attributes:

Finishing Attributes

  • Close Shot: 65
  • Driving Layup: 75
  • Driving Dunk: 85
  • Standing Dunk: 90
  • Post Control: 26

Shooting Attributes

  • Mid-Range Shot: 72
  • Three-Point Shot: 85
  • Free Throw: 60

Playmaking Attributes

  • Pass Accuracy: 71
  • Ball Handle: 36
  • Speed with Ball: 25

Defense/Rebounding Attributes

  • Interior Defense: 95
  • Perimeter Defense: 55
  • Steal: 78
  • Block: 88
  • Offensive Rebound: 82
  • Defensive Rebound: 99


  • Speed: 76
  • Acceleration: 70
  • Strength: 86
  • Vertical: 85
  • Stamina: 85

These are the best Attribute settings for a killer 99 OVR in NBA 2K23. The Physicals have been balanced and optimized for superb rebound capacity while emphasizing the strength aspect. Your Center will still be buffed with the right stats. It is enough to make Bill Russell proud.


Badges define the player’s tone of play when he steps foot on the 2K23 court. The badges highlight certain abilities and contribute a major hand in determining the success rate of your Center’s build. People will notice a focus on the power-related badges more.

This is because the Point Guard is The Five. The Center is of utmost importance in basketball and can sometimes determine the fate of a match. He collects failed opponent shots and protects his own side of the court from being scored on. All of this would require some great badges. Let us take a look:

Finishing Badges

  • Slithery: Bronze
  • Giant Slayer: Silver

Shooting Badges

  • Slippery Off-Ball: Bronze
  • Amped: Gold

Playmaking Badges

  • Floor General: Silver
  • Bail Out: Bronze
  • Clamp Breaker: Bronze
  • Mismatch Expert: Bronze 
  • Break Starter: Silver

Defense/Rebounding Badges

  • Chase Down Artist: Hall of Fame
  • Rebound Chase: Hall of Fame (Core Badge)


Your Takeovers are very important in NBA 2K23. Think of these as realistic buffs that occur at times in the game. While the ones we have mentioned are really good for this build, players can opt for Boxout Wall as their secondary if they so desire. 

The overall quality of these Takeover selections is balanced and will provide you with the most bang for your buck.

The effective Takeovers for this build are:

  • Primary Takeover: Paint Intimidation
  • Secondary Takeover: See The Future

Best Team For Centers

Credit: GameSpot

While there are a handful of options for the teams when it comes to Center builds, powerhouses like the Golden State Warriors or a team in need of a strong Center would benefit from your build. The Brooklyn Nets are another fantastic choice, even if simply playing with Kyrie Irving, the G. 

This way, your center controls the team’s plays and can focus entirely on the inner-offensive and defensive plays while his team carries the rest of the game. The strategy will get you through practically anything, making this one of the best defensive Center builds in NBA 2K23.


That concludes our guide on the best Center builds in NBA 2K23. Players are sure to benefit from the smartly-allocated attributes and the careful selection of badges to get the most value out of their Center without sacrificing too much of other attributes and skills.

We sincerely hope this guide helped create your dream Center build in NBA’s latest and greatest entry. Leave a comment below and let us know if it did. Your feedback is much appreciated. Happy balling!