Are you looking to boost your subs on Twitch? Let’s not lie, we all are. Well, some methods of getting subs are better than others.

While some people resort to “e-begging”, that usually just lands them in hot water rather than having the desired effect. So, how can you go about increasing that sub count without leaving a sour taste in your viewer’s mouth?

In this article, I’m going to break down 12 Sub Goal Ideas that will leave your fans wanting more.

  • Equipment goals
  • New Emote Goal
  • Community Games
  • 24hr Stream
  • Giveaways
  • Cosplay Stream
  • Drinking Stream
  • Play A Specific game
  • Karaoke Streams
  • Horror Games
  • Sleep Streams
  • Face Reveal or IRL Stream

1. The Equipment Sub Goal

As a small streamer who maybe started on a budget, an equipment sub-goal can be a great way to both benefit you and your viewers. The number one thing that will draw people to your stream is your personality or your gameplay but next up is the quality of your setup.

If people love your stream and you’re providing them with hours of entertainment every week, some of them will be happy to sub and get an improvement in stream quality. They’re subbing for a better viewing experience and you get yourself some new equipment! That’s a win-win for everyone involved.

I think this goes without saying but use this sparingly. Don’t just throw any old product up there. Your viewers don’t like feeling used. Only use this one if there is something that can actually really benefit your stream. Maybe your audio isn’t great or people have been asking for a face cam. That’s a great opportunity to create an equipment sub-goal.

2. Emotes

Emotes are a great sub-goal as most viewers understand that the more subs you get the more Emote slots you unlock.

A great way to get your viewers excited about this goal is to create the emote before you unlock the slot and display it beside your sub-goal. This shows your viewers what they will unlock and allows them to get excited about it.

3. Community Games

These are a great way to bring your community together. A lot of people go to small streamers to find someone to play with.

Setting a certain day to play games with your community is a great idea. E.G. Every Sunday you play community games like or you can set up a server on games like rust or Warzone and invite your subs in to play for a few hours.

It’s a great way to connect with your community on a deeper level and pump those subs up.

4. The 24 Hr Stream

If there’s one thing viewers love, it’s coming together in the chat to help achieve a common goal. They love to watch a challenge. Maybe, just maybe they also like to watch you suffer.

Setting a target for a 24h stream is something your viewers will want to see. If you’re their favourite streamer they want to see more of you. They want more of their favourite game and most importantly they want to see if you can last 24 hours.

The first time I did this was a lot harder than I expected but it was a rewarding experience. During that stream, I got the most subs I have ever got in a day and got hundreds of new followers.

So it’s not only great as a sub-goal but it’s great for your channel in the long run and will likely net you a lot more subs throughout the 24 hours.

Good luck though, this one is harder than it seems! G Fuel up…

You may even want to consider doing a Subathon to generate a lot more subscribers on your channel. Check out our complete guide to a Subathon.

5. Giveaways

This is another one that really benefits both your viewers and yourself. It’s simple mathematics. Offer a giveaway at a certain sub-goal. This could be a gift card, certain game you play or some sort of gaming equipment. Get creative.

As long as the goal covers how much you spend on the giveaway prize and then a little more for you this benefits everyone. You make a little profit and gain subs who will hopefully stay for the long haul and your subs get a chance to win something by being a part of your stream.

If you can get your hands on hard-to-get prizes E.G the Playstation 5 when it dropped could be a really good sub-goal as it’s something people really want to get their hands on.

6. Cosplay Stream

People love to see you get into character and dress up. It’s usually pretty funny and creates some hype in your stream. Obviously, some streamers do this every day but if you don’t it can become a big event on your stream. People will get excited for the big day when you turn up as the master chief.

Setting this as your sub-goal is a surefire way to drive more subs to your twitch channel. Set this one up and get ordering that costume! It’s time to get into character…

7. A Drinking Stream

This one is only if you’re 21 plus+ and you drink responsibly…

If you like to have the occasional drink and have more of a mature audience drinking streams can be a great way to engage your audience. Maybe if you’re playing an FPS game add in a forfeit every time you die. Concede a goal in Fifa then you’re taking a shot.

Your audience will likely make fun of you the next day with this one… but hey, that’s why we had the sub-goal right. Maybe set this goal a little higher than the rest. If your chat wants you to make a fool of yourself on the stream they’ll have to hit some big sub-targets, right?

8. Play A Specific Game

I normally play Black Ops 3 Zombies but my community ask me a lot to play other Zombie games. I rarely do but if there’s a specific game your community is asking you to play it could be a good opportunity for a sub-goal.

If they really want to see you play you’ll reach that sub-goal in no time.

9. Karaoke Stream

If you sound anything like myself then this one maybe isn’t for you. However, if you are partial to a bit of Karaoke on the weekends then adding it to your stream as a sub-goal might not be a bad idea.

People love to see you make a fool of yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously, maybe even pull out sing star and this could pop off on your stream.

10. Horror Games

It’s how Pewdiepie blew up right? As I said earlier, people love to see you suffer. Sitting in the dark, playing some of the scariest games out there while others watch on in the chat is one way to suffer.

Horror games are a staple on Twitch and are always a fun night with your chat. Just make sure you don’t fall out of your seat and end up on Livestream fails!

11. Sleep Streams

This can be a little weird but sleep streams have blown up over the past year or so. Essentially you let people watch while you sleep and they can donate to play sounds or youtube videos in your ears.

You’ll probably be waking up quite a bit throughout the night with loud screams and rick rolls but hey, you get paid every time someone tips to play a sound. Just make sure you don’t do this on a work/school night.

12. Face Reveal or IRL Stream

Hopefully, you’re already using a face cam. If you’re not I’d recommend it however it could make for a great sub-goal. Viewers get invested in you and your stream. If you haven’t revealed your face they’ll want to see what you look like. Set that sub-goal and get the camera ready…

If you’ve already shown your face on camera then another option might be to do a just chatting or IRL stream. Maybe you do a Q&A with chat or decide to let them in on cocktail night.

Doing something outside your normal streams can break things up and keep people interested. Get creative with your planned stream and set it as your sub-goal.

If you need to add a Sub goal counter to your stream make sure to check out How To add a Sub Goal Counter to Your Twitch stream.

Other Tips

  • If you take me up on a drinking stream make sure not to get too drunk and do something you regret. Drink responsibly.
  • Don’t e-beg. When setting sub-goals make sure they’re fun and benefit both you and your audience. Viewers don’t want to be taken advantage of.
  • Have fun with it. Don’t just set goals for the sake of it. Make sure it’s something you actually enjoy or your audience will know and probably won’t be having fun either.
  • Make sure you’re following the Twitch terms of service. You don’t want to break any rules and put your account at risk. Check-in on them before creating your sub-goal as they update their rules regularly.

Hopefully, these Sub Goal ideas for twitch have helped you spark some ideas for your stream and ultimately help you grow your subs on twitch.

Happy streaming!

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