Having a great, brand-able username is important when trying to grow your twitch career however these days it can be hard to come across a good username that’s available. With so many streamers on the platform a lot of the great names are already taken.

That’s where Twitch name generators come into play. They can help you come up with a cool name without having to come up with the bright idea yourself.

We want to find a username that is snappy and memorable so that viewers can easily find their way back to our stream or find our other socials.

Twitch Username Guidelines

Before we jump in lets take a look at the requirements twitch have for your username.

  • Between 4 and 25 Characters
  • Can contain Numbers, Letters & Underscores
  • Can’t start with an underscore

Let’s take a look at some of the Twitch Name Generators out there that are free.

Best Twitch Name Generators – Top 10 Username Generators

GeneratorMix.com Name Generator

This is a great random name generator for Twitch. It allows you to enter a seed word that it will then work around to create a unique name. You also have the ability to add numbers and underscores.

Above I entered my seed word as gamer and it generates multiple options for me to choose from. You can keep randomizing it until you see something that you like.

On the homepage you can also see multiple random names that may be something you would like to use.

Check Out GeneratorMix Twitch Name Generator

Coolgenerator.com Name Generator

Coolgenerator has a homepage with random names you can use for your twitch stream. It also allows you to insert a seed keyword to generate your name from. Unlike the previous site this one allows you to set a length for your name. We would recommend setting a length <10 to make your username more memorable.

Check out coolgenerator.com

SpinXO.com Name Generator

This name generator is a little more advanced than the others we have looked at. It allows you to input a lot more data to get a name more tailored to what you’re looking for.

You can see the 6 different criteria they request above. I put some random information in as you can see below.

As you can see it generates 30 names at a time and you can keep hitting spin until you find a name that you like.

Check out SpinXO.com

Nordpass Username Generator

Nordpass is a password keeping service but they also have a username generator on their website. You can give it a seed keyword and let it generate randomly from there. I would recommend adding in your seed keyword then adjusting the username length to keep generating more names until you find something that you like.

Check Out Nordpass Username Generator

Jimpix Username Generator

Jimpix allows you to enter a seed name and then select a category which helps to direct what usernames are created. There’s lots of different categories to choose from giving you a wide range of different names. Select your initial name then a category you enjoy and there’s a good chance that you will find a username you like.

Check out the Jimpix Username Generator

Fantasy Name Generator

If you primarily play fantasy games on Twitch and want to create your brand/persona around that then this is a great name generator.

Just click the generate button and it will spit out 10 different fantasy names for you to choose from. You can keep generating until you find a username that you like.

You can also add in seed keywords to get a blend of your name and some fantasy words.

Click here to check out Fantasy Name Generator

Rum And Monkey Username Generator

Rum and monkey is an interesting username generator allowing you to select from a large range of categories to get a name based around something you are interested in.

It also takes you through a survey asking you questions like when you were born and what type of job you have to get an idea of your hobbies to create a more personalised username.

Click here to check out RumandMonkey.com

NGenerators Username Generator

Ngenerators is a simple twitch username generator. Just give it a simple keyword and let it work its magic. It gives you 6 different username choices at a time.

Click here to check out Ngenerators

Business Name Generator

Business name generator is not specifically tailored towards Twitch streamers but is also a great place to come up with usernames.

Again we are entering a seed keyword that our name will then be based from. Just add the seed keyword in and click generate. It will come up with a ton of names that you can use for your stream. You can also get 70% off godaddy if you purchase the domain name as well.

Click here to check out Business Name Generator

How To Choose A Good Twitch Username?

Length Of Your Name

Your twitch username should be as easy to remember as possible meaning you should keep it short and sweet. You don’t want a name with four different words. People will forget your name and ultimately end up watching someone else if they can’t find you.

Easy To Read

Your Twitch username should be easy to read and spell. If someone watches your stream and wants to share it with a friend, that person should be able to quickly understand and spell your name.

Avoid including lots of numbers as substitutes for letters and avoid having lots of numbers at the end of your name. I would also recommend not including any periods or underscores in your name if possible.

Creating a name without these characteristics makes it easy for viewers to also find your other socials meaning you gain extra exposure.

Don’t Create A Name Around Trends

Some streamers in the past have really corned themselves into a single game or trend by choosing a name based around that. For example if your called CallofDutyGod and a few years down the line you want to branch out your content that’s going to be hard. People don’t come to a call of duty specific channel for content on other games.

Don’t base your name around a game or trend and you’ll have lots of room to expand in the future.

Creating A Logo For Your New Name

Once you have found a name that you like you will likely then want to create a new logo based around that name.

I would recommend checking out fiverr to get a great logo at a cheap price. You can search in the box below for the type of logo you want to find a great designer.

Wrapping Up The Top 10 Best Twitch Username Generators

Hopefully by now you have came across an amazing Twitch username to get started on your stream. By following the principles we have shared above you will have a great memorable name that people will share and can easily come back to.

Good luck growing on your stream. If this article helped you at all feel free to share it with someone it would help!

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