Who Is Adin Ross?

Adin Ross Setup

AdinRoss is a streamer based out of Florida. He’s currently 20 years old and has recently been exploding on Twitch.

He got banned recently for a slur said by someone else on his stream but came back a few weeks later bigger than ever. He now has over 3.1 Million followers on Twitch dominating the Just Chatting section on Twitch.

Let’s take a look at AdinRoss stream setup and see how he is currently dominating on Twitch.

What Are AdinRoss PC Specs?

Graphics Card

Adin Ross uses the RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming Card


AdinRoss is using the i9-10900k processor.


AdinRoss is using the ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming Motherboard


AdinRoss is using the Lian li O11 Dynamic XL ROG Certified Case

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AdinRoss Setup In Detail

What Graphics Card Does AdinRoss Use?

Adin Ross is using the best consumer graphics card on the market right now. The RTX 3090. You might find it hard to get your hands on one right now as the are hard to come by at retail price.

This card is more than powerful enough to stream and play triple AAA games at the same time with 24gb GDDR6X Memory and triple HDB fans to keep this beast cool.

If you want the best of the best this is the card to go for.

What Processor Does AdinRoss Use?

AdinRoss is using the i9 10900k Unlocked processor. It has a 5.3GHZ clock speed and 10 cores making it a great processor for streaming. Again just like Adins graphics card this is the top of the line processor for streamers coming in in the higher price bracket. If you want future proof performance for the foreseeable future then this is the graphics card for you.

What Motherboard does AdinRoss Use?

AdinRoss is using the Asus ROG Strix Z490 Gaming Motherboard. This is an Intel 10th gen motherboard which is compatible with the i9-10900k processor in the build.

It comes with onboard WiFi 6 and Intel 2.5Gb Ethernet connections. This is great for gamers and streamers who need the best possible consistent internet while streaming.

What Case Does AdinRoss Use?

AdinRoss insane PC build is housed inside this beautiful Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL case. It’s an ATX Full Tower case capable of housing the massive 3090 graphics card and is also capable of holding large custom water cooling solutions if you wanted to add that to your build.

Wrapping Up AdinRoss Stream Setup

This is currently all the information we have on AdinRoss stream setup. If you know any of the peripherals he is currently using please let us know down in the comments. We will add any verified gear he is using as soon as possible.

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