Anyone who is a fan of streaming and likes to stream in their free time has heard of Streamlabs. Streamlabs is a package of streaming-related software that is meant to be used in tandem with OBS as it brings many different functions to the popular platform.

Streamelements is another software package that is very similar to Streamlabs and it is used in the same way. It was designed to just be added to many popular stream recording software and features many accessibility elements that make it very easy to use.

Just like Streamlabs, Streamelements also has an array of different commands that can be enabled in your chat. These commands add some functionality to your stream’s chat, as well as some cool minigames that your viewers will love. We hope that you can find some use out of this and that your chat can be immensely improved!

Streamelements Command Variables Full List

Something that you need to note about all of these commands is that they will not work without a prefix, similar to all Discord bot commands. The default prefix is ! and it needs to be used in front of every command in order for it to work. Now that you know that, we can move on to the commands!

Public Commands

These are commands that every user in your chat can use as they see fit, as long as they are not timed out or muted. They cover a wide range of functions, from playing games to displaying information.

  • !timeout – times a user out for a specific amount of time
  • !darko – times out DARKOe123 for some reason
  • !points – displays the total amount of points a user has
  • !vanish – times out a sender
  • !subs – tests the sub feature of a channel
  • !next – displays the song that is next in the queue
  • !giveaway – displays the currently active giveaway
  • !voteskip – starts a vote to skip the current song
  • !top points/alltime/online/offline – displays the top user on the leaderboard
  • !duel – starts a duel with another user for points
  • !wrongsong – removes the last song added to the queue
  • !accountage – displays the age of a user’s account
  • !items – displays your available items
  • !accept – accepts a duel challenge
  • !uptime – displays the time the channel has been streaming for
  • !chatstats – displays some statistics about the chat
  • !when – tells you when a specific song will be played
  • !song – displays the current song in the queue
  • !queue close/open/pause/unpause/remove – allows you to manage the queues
  • !rename – moves your points to a new username
  • !bet – allows you to bet on a contest
  • !cancelduel – cancels a duel
  • !8ball – asks the magic 8-ball a question
  • !enter – enrolls you into a giveaway
  • !slots – plays a game on the slot machine
  • !songrequest – requests a new song using a Youtube URL
  • !emotes – displays the active emotes in the chat
  • !followage – displays how long a specific user has been following the streamer
  • !watchtime – tells you how long a user has been watching the stream for
  • !quote – displays a random quote
  • !contest – displays the currently active contest
  • !commands – displays a list of all available commands
  • !deny – denies a duel request from another user
  • !roulette – lets you play a game of roulette
  • !redeem – redeems an item
  • !tip – allows you to tip a channel
  • !leaderboard – displays the current point leaderboard

Moderator Commands

This next batch of commands is reserved for the streamer that owns the channel as well as any moderators that manage the chat. The purpose of them is to perform actions that normal users cannot, as well as to help around the chat.

  • !removesong – removes a specific song from the queue
  • !songqueue – displays the queue of song requests
  • !skip – skips the song that is currently playing
  • !disablesfx – disables sound effects in the chat
  • !editcounter – edits any counter in the chat
  • !srclear – clears the entire request queue
  • !bingo – starts a game of emote bingo
  • !ping – displays how long streamelements has been running
  • !enablesfx – enables sound effects in the chat
  • !kappagen – creates some explosions of emotes
  • !play – resumes the track queue
  • !command add/remove/edit/alias/options/show – manages the commands in the chat
  • !permit – stops a specific user from getting timed out
  • !closestore – closes the store
  • !openstore – opens the store
  • !pause – pauses the current queue

Super Moderator Commands

The final batch of commands we have for you are related to moderation, just like the last batch, but this one goes a bit deeper and has a bit more freedom to execute different actions.

  • !level – sets the access level of a user
  • !module – enables and disables modules
  • !filesay
  • !settitle – changes the title of the stream
  • !hypecup clear – manages the HypeCup
  • !volume – changes the volume of the queue
  • !nuke – unknown
  • !addpoints – gives a specific amount of points to a user
  • !bot mute/unmute/part – manages the bot
  • !setgame – updates the game of the channel
  • !setpoints – sets the number of points a user has
  • !nukeusername – unknown

Wrapping Up

And that would be all of the relevant commands you are going to need if you intend to use Streamelements! As you can see, there is quite a decent number of commands that can help you improve your channel, and we hope that you can take everything you have learned here today and take full advantage of it. We sincerely hope that you can take your streaming game to the next level!

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