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AuronPlay, whose real name is Raúl Álvarez Genesyel, first rose to fame on YouTube. He began his YouTube channel in the early days – back in 2006. From humble beginnings, he quickly became popular. Now, he has over 10 million followers on Twitch and 28.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

AuronPlay is easily one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, currently ranking number 1 on TwitchTracker. Currently, he’s the third most followed streamer on the platform. However, he is number one on the highest average viewers.

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AuronPlay Stream Gear

AuronPlay PC Setup

AuronPlay Stream Setup In Detail

What Mouse Does AuronPlay use?

AuronPlay uses the Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse.

The G703 is one of Logitechs mice made for gamers. It has the HERO 25k Sensor which helps to pick up even the fastest of flicks. If you take your gaming seriously at all having a wireless mouse is a big advantage as you won’t experience any cable drag. Some mice have problems with connectivity but the G703 does a great job with no noticeable input lag.

The mouse weighs in at only 95g with a 10g optional weight making it great for high paced gaming.

What Keyboard Does Auronplay Use?

Auronplay uses the Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard.

He uses the Razer Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard. It’s a full sized mechanical keyboard and comes with either Clicky optical (Purple) or Linear Optical (Red) key switches.

If you love RGB this will also make a great addition to your setup with full RGB backlighting customizable in Razers chroma program. You can really come up with some crazy backlighting for your keyboard.

The keyboard has great ergonomics and comes with a cushioned wrist rest which is great for long gaming sessions on stream. The keyboard also has many extra features. All keys are macro-programmable and you can program them on the fly using the macro recording hot key.

What Headset Does Auronplay Use?

Auronplay is using the Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset

Auronplay uses one of the most popular headsets in Gaming. The Astro A50s are a wireless headset and comes in two options. One for Playstation and the other for Xbox and PC.

Having a wireless headset is a great addition to your gaming setup especially if you’re always getting tangled up in wires. It seems small but it really is a game changer when you can jump up and walk around your room without ripping wires out of your headphones.

The headset has 7.1 Dolby surround sound giving you an immersive gaming experience. The also come with a great microphone meaning your friends won’t have to deal with horrible audio from your end.

What Microphone Does Auronplay Use?

Auronplay uses the Shure SM7B Microphone.

This is one of the most popular streaming mics out there. A large proportion of top streamers use this mic and you’ll also see it hanging in broadcast rooms all over the world. This microphone is quite quiet as standard so you will also need a Pre-amp such as the cloud lifter to boost gain and get the best out of your mic.

What Streamdeck Does Auronplay Use?

Auronplay uses the Elgato Stream Deck

Auronplay uses the most popular stream deck in the game. This is of course the Elgato stream deck. He is using the XL stream deck with 32 customizable keys. A stream deck is a great addition to your stream allowing you to greatly up your production quality.

Wrapping Up Auronplay Stream Setup

This is all the info we currently have on Auronplays stream setup. If you have anymore info on his PC or peripherals please let us know in the comments so we can keep this article up to date.

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