As a streamer, there will always be times where you feel like you need to step away from your computer for a bit. There are many reasons for this — you could need a bathroom break, you might want to grab a snack or a drink, or you might even just want to walk around and stretch your legs for a bit.

Of course, there are other reasons, too. Sometimes, you might experience some technical difficulties that could require some time for you to get fixed. Then, of course, there’s the occasional sneezing fit or the need to get up and walk off the tilt and frustration.

Many content creators just leave their channels up as normal with their camera or game (or both) in focus as they walk out of frame. However, times like these are also a great opportunity for you to use a Twitch BRB screen.

What Are BRB Screens & When Should You Use Them?

Twitch BRB screens are usually just a scene on your broadcasting software where you can say that you’ll be right back or that you’re taking a short break. It’s also a space that you can use to share extra information with your viewers while showcasing your interests and personality to draw more people in.

BRB screens are best used when you’ll be stepping away from your streaming setup for longer than a minute or two. You can also use them when you want to hide your camera temporarily, such as if you’re going to scratch an itch or sneeze.

A BRB screen can literally be something as simple as a screen that says “be right back.” And for some, that’s exactly how they have it!

However, you don’t always have to use a screen that’s so plain and simple. If you’re not huge on the minimalist style, there are many other designs you can choose and things you can do.

Let’s take a look at some of them!

Best Places to Get BRB Screens

Not everyone is a designer — and not everyone wants to make their own overlays. We get that. If you’re not interested in making your screens from scratch, you can always purchase pre-designed overlay sets that can make things much easier for you. Alternatively, you can pay a designer to make them for you.

Hearing the phrase “custom-designed overlays” might make you cringe at the thought of how expensive it might be. However, there are many places where you can get your graphics much more affordably.

Here are some of the best places to get Twitch BRB screens.

BRB Screen Providers Compared

As we put together this list of the best BRB screen providers, we have considered a few criteria. This is what we looked like to come up with the providers below:

  • Design Quality – it’s important for you to be able to setup your stream in a beautiful way that will please not just your viewers, but you too. We looked at the quality of the designs to make sure they’re up to par, professional, and attention-catching.
  • Value – despite what some people may tell you, there is a certain level of investment when you start streaming. We’ve made sure the platforms below provide excellent value for money.
  • Customizability – we want you to be able to change a few things to make a design more your own so you can somewhat create a branding for yourself.
  • Feedback – we look to see at what people think about the platform and its designs to make sure you get quality.


screengrab from

Prices on Fiverr vary greatly depending on the contractors. Prices can start as cheaply as $5 but can go into a hundred or so if you want more complex designs.

Fiverr is a gig platform where independent contractors like designers and artists can post their jobs for clients to purchase. On this platform, you can find just about anything you need to set up your stream. The best part is, most of the contractors here offer custom designs. However, if you don’t have that big of a budget, you can opt for a template you can get customized instead.

Sample Twitch brb screen from Fiverr

The art quality on this website can vary wildly, given contractors of various skill levels post their jobs here. The best way for you make sure you’re getting a quality design is by checking a job or contractor’s previous feedback.

screengrab from

Prices on aren’t the cheapest. They may seem premium, with some designs going for as much as $100. It appears, however, that their overlay packages average around $80. If you’re baulking at the price, don’t worry — often holds massive sales of fifty percent off or more. is a haven for streamers looking to find pre-made overlay packages for their streams. They also have many other products available, from sub badges to bit badges and even an emote maker. Overlays can be static or they can be animated, but prices will vary.

Sample Twitch BRB screen from

One thing you can count on when you’re paying for designs from is the quality. The designs, templates, and products they have here are varied and professionally-made and packaged.

Visuals By Impulse

screengrab from Visuals By Impulse

Prices on Visuals By Impulse are relatively reasonable. Overlay sets can go from $5 to $40 for premades. However, if you would like to get your designs custom made, prices are definitely far higher with (their custom designs company).

Visuals By Impulse sells beautifully-designed stream assets like overlays, alerts, bundles, emotes, stinger transitions, green screen backgrounds, panels, and more. Visuals by Impulse has grown over the years to become much more popular among content creators.

Sample Twitch BRB screen from Visuals By Impulse

The quality of designs on Visuals By Impulse are top-notch and truly beautiful. They don’t have as many designs as, but they do have beautiful packages at excellent prices.


screengrab from PlaceIt

The designs available on this website are highly customizable. You can even find some assets for free. PlaceIt has quite an interesting pricing setup, where you can buy one design outright for $9.95 or subscribe to PlaceIt for unlimited designs. A monthly subscription costs $14.95 per month, but you can save money by doing a yearly subscription at only $89.69.

PlaceIt sells all sorts of designs — and not just for streams, either. They have plenty of customizable templates and you can even make something from scratch with a blank canvas. Needless to say, you can get excellent value by purchasing a month-long subscription and getting all of your designs during this month. Just don’t forget to unsubscribe!

Nerd or Die

screengrab from Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die offers plenty of beautiful designs at fair prices. They have some designs available for free, and some “name your price” products as well where you can pay nothing or give a few dollars to support the site. Full stream packages can start from $10 to $30.

The stream packages on this website vary — they have some great static options but they also have animated graphics to make your stream look even more interesting.

Sample Twitch BRB screen from Nerd or Die

If you’re thinking about quality, you’ll be happy to find out that Nerd or Die has plenty of great designs to suit anyone’s tastes. Choose from a catalog of full stream packages, overlays, or alerts and sounds.

How to Add a BRB Screen to OBS

Adding a BRB scene to your OBS is simple. It’s just like adding any other scene, and we’ll walk you through that process below.

When you open OBS, you’re faced with your standard user interface below:

To add your new BRB scene, simply click on the plus ( + ) sign on the bottom left of the screen and choose a name. Once you’ve selected a name, you can click “okay” and you’ll then have a BRB screen you can begin to customize.

Click the encircled plus sign in the scenes box
Choose your scene’s name

After your scene is created, you can begin to add sources. Click on the plus ( + ) sign in the “Sources” box and add sources as you please.

Click on the highlighted plus ( + ) sign to add a source
Choose from several types of sources

If you want to add more than one source layer, you will need to add more sources one by one. You may want to add an animated BRB screen and potentially some music to enhance your BRB screen.

What Layers Should I Add to My BRB Screen?

The best thing about setting up your channel is the fact that ultimately, every single design decision is yours. That means you can make your BRB screen completely your own.

You can choose a simple design that just says BRB or you can add some of the below to spruce up your scene, such as:

  • Social media such as your Twitter and Instagram @
  • Invitations to join your Discord server
  • Platform promotion such as your YouTube or TikTok usernames
  • Copyright free music to keep your viewers entertained
  • A brb countdown timer to let your viewers know when to expect you back
  • Promotions for your upcoming event(s)
  • Your stream schedule
  • A shrunk-down version of your game
  • A mini-game for viewers to play while you’re away (such as Words on Stream, Stream Raiders, or Marbles)
  • A chat overlay so your chat is displayed on stream

It’s a good idea to choose a good mix of these features, but don’t try to stuff all of them in your scene! You might want to steer clear of making things too busy and overwhelming for your viewers — too much on one screen can make your promotions and your whole display pretty much ineffective.

Do You Really Need a Stream BRB Screen?

If you’re still wondering whether you really need a BRB screen, the answer is it will really depend on your needs.

People who hardly take breaks or tend to take shorter ones might not necessarily need a be right back screen — but it’s still always a good OBS scene to have for those just in case moments.

At the very least, you can set up a simple scene or purchase a cheap one so that you can throw up a BRB screen just if you ever need to!

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, that is everything there is to know about Twitch BRB screens. It’s not necessary for all streamers to have one but if you do make sure to grab one from the amazing providers listed above!

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