If you are looking for the best rules to add to your Twitch channel, you have came the right place. Adding rules on Twitch is important to ensure that your chat does not get our of hand.

Different people will have different tolerance levels for what they will allow in chat. In this article we give you a good starting point for the rules you should ass to get started. You can then add your own specific rules if needed for your specific stream.

Twitch Rules You Should Add To Your Channel

Your Twitch Chat is where you engage with your community and your community engages with eachother. It’s where you’ll see live comments while streaming and where viewers reply to one another. You want your viewers to enjoy a safe space where everyone feels free to share with the community. 

You’d also want your community to grow from one another and, in turn, support your channel’s growth. To do so, viewers must adhere to specific rules you deem most important for your channel. These rules should ensure that viewers are engaged, and everyone feels welcome within a friendly environment. 

Ideally, conversations involving race, sexism, and other forms of discrimination are banned from Twitch. You’d want to go a step further and consider banning other topics that may make viewers shy away from engaging with your community. These include topics on religion and politics. However, it is completely up to you what you feel should be allowed on your channel.

Overall, you’d want users to use a primary language most viewers understand. You may consider avoiding profanity language, as well as other rules you want to add, such as thoughts on posting spoilers or spamming. 

In summary, here are some of the most popular rules that you may want to consider. Feel free to change the phrasing to suit your liking.

Recommended Channel Rules For Twitch

  1. English only.
  2. Avoid racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.
  3. Avoid talking about religion or politics.
  4. No swearing/cursing/profanity language.
  5. Avoid spamming.
  6. Self-promotion is not allowed.
  7. No gaming spoilers.
  8. Show kindness.
  9. Respect one another.
  10. Have fun!

When Should You Add A New Rule

Chat rules are an excellent way to create norms for valuable discussions on your channel. If something prevents a smooth user engagement on your channel, it’s best to set it as a rule. This way, you don’t have to put up with it stream after stream. These chat rules help you set norms and prevent things that bother you while streaming.

How To Add Twitch Rules To Your Stream

Once you’ve decided which chat rules to go by for your channel, it’s time to set them on your Twitch channel. Here’s how to do this.

  1. First, go to https://www.twitch.tv/ and sign in to your channel. Then, click on the profile icon at the upper-right corner of your screen and select Settings.
  1. On the Settings panel, go to the top navigation bar and click on Channel and Videos.
  1. You should see your Channel’s settings page. Now, go to the left menu of the Creator’s Dashboard, and select Moderation under the Settings section.
  1. Lastly, go to the left panel of the Moderation page and scroll down to Channel Privileges. Navigate to the Chat Rules section, and type in your chat rules, one rule per line. When you’re done, click Save Changes. Your chat rules will now pop up when a viewer first logs in to your chat as a reminder of your channel’s rules.

What Consequences Should You Have For Breaking Rules

The consequences of breaking the chat rules can vary from posting a reminder on your chat to following chat rules, temporarily suspending a viewer’s account, or permanently banning an account from your channel. It is vital to highlight these consequences in your profile. 

When you’re a new channel, you can self-monitor your chats and enforce the consequences as you’ve highlighted in your profile. Otherwise, you can add moderators to your stream when you feel the need to do so. Keep in mind that moderators must exercise fairness, be trustworthy, and dependability to uphold your channel’s culture.

Examples of Popular Streamers Rules

Coming up with chat rules can be challenging at first. However, you can always look to popular streamers for inspiration in how they’ve set up their chat rules. Then, apply the ones most suitable to your channel’s needs. 

Here are some examples of popular streamers’ chat rules that you can get inspiration from.

  1. Ninja’s Twitch Chat Rules
Source: Ninja/Twitch
  1. Pokimane’s Twitch Chat Rules
Source: Pokimane/Twitch
  1. Myth’s Twitch Chat Rules
Source: Myth/Twitch

How To View Twitch Rules of Popular Streamers

You can always go to your preferred channel to view more examples, then scroll down to the About section, where most streamers post their chat rules. 

Alternatively, you can click on Chat at the channel’s navigation bar, then click on the small gear icon at the lower-right corner of the Stream Chat window that appears to the right side of the screen.

Lastly, click on View Chat Rules in the Chat Settings window to see the chat rules of any channel you’d like to get inspiration from.

Twitch Rules Template

Here’s a simple template you can use for your chat rules to get you started. You can copy this template to your channel’s chat rules or customise it however you see fit.

  1. English only
  2. Avoid racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination
  3. Avoid talking about religion or politics
  4. No swearing/cursing/profanity language
  5. No spamming
  6. Be respectful towards others
  7. Have fun!

When Should You Use Follower/Subscriber-Only Chat

Using follow/subscriber-only chat depends on your preferences. 

You may want to consider that some viewers may neglect to watch your stream because they feel like you’re forcing them to follow you. These viewers may likely have stayed on to become regular viewers, thus, impacting your channel’s growth. 

Other times, you may want to use the follower/subscriber-only chat option to prevent trolls from disrupting your channel. 

It is up to you to consider the pros and cons that are most suitable for your channel. 

Wrap Up

There you go; we’ve covered everything you need to know about setting up Twitch chat rules. Keep in mind that chat rules don’t have to be complex. Provided your community is happy and you’re strict in enforcing your rules, you should have an easy time connecting with your community.

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