Have you just picked up a Nintendo Switch and thought about streaming your gameplay on a site like Twitch or Youtube?

You may be wondering if there is a certain type of capture card you can connect to your switch lite to capture the gameplay on your computer. Let’s jump in and take a look.

Can You Stream From A Nintendo Switch Lite?

Unfortunately with the Lite version of the Nintendo Switch there is no device or capture card that allows you to capture gameplay on your computer. Currently the only way to stream from a Nintendo Switch Lite is by using a camera to record your screen. This isn’t going to be great quality and may make it very awkward to stream. If you want to stream Nintendo Switch games we would recommend picking up the premium Nintendo Switch console which can be connected to a capture card.

If you do purchase a Nintendo Switch you can use the guide below to use it for streaming.

How To Stream From A Nintendo Switch?

  1. Dock your Nintendo Switch and connect and HDMI Cable between it and your capture card.
  2. Connect the output of your capture card to your TV/Monitor using another HDMI cable.
  3. Connect your capture card to your computer
  4. Open your streaming software of choice (Streamlabs/OBS) and and a new video source.
  5. Select your capture card. You should now see your Switch gameplay in your streaming software.
  6. Go live on your streaming platform of choice (Twitch, Youtube, Facebook)

What Is The Best Capture Card For Nintendo Switch?

Our recommended capture card for the Nintendo Switch is the ElgatoHD60s. This card can capture gameplay in 1080p 60FPS, giving you can amazing quality video. It is an external capture card meaning you do not have to install this in a PC. You can use it with your laptop which may be a big benefit to Switch gamers who like to game and stream while on the road.

There are some other great options out there which may be better suited for your situation. This article has some great recommendations.

How To Record Gameplay On Nintendo Switch Lite?

Similar to streaming you won’t be able to record gameplay directly from your Switch Lite to your computer. The only option to record Nintendo Switch Lite gameplay right now is to record externally with a camera. Again this can be very awkward and may make for an uncomfortable gaming experience. We recommend grabbing the premium version of the Nintendo Switch.

Can You Stream From Nintendo Switch Without A Capture Card?

Unfortunately there is no way or in built software that allows you to directly stream from your Nintendo Switch to Twitch, Facebook or Youtube. However there is a little trick you can use to stream your switch gameplay from an Xbox One if you have one lying around.

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately there isn’t many options out there right now for Switch Lite users. The console was really designed for portable gaming and that means leaving out some of the extra features you may have wanted.

If you plan on streaming Switch games and you want a professional looking stream you will have to do this with a Premium Nintendo Switch & capture card combination.

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