Have you got a new Xbox Series X or Series S and have been enjoying some of the amazing games with the all-new upgraded graphics. Maybe you were just playing the new single player releases but now fancy your chances online.

To play online on most Xbox games you will need to have an Xbox Live gold membership. In this article we are going to cover how you can get an Xbox Live gold membership trial for free, without using a debit or credit card.

Let’s jump in and get you online so you can start dominating those online lobbies.

How To Get A Free Xbox Live Gold Membership Trial

There are multiple ways to get a free Xbox live gold trial but when you do a search on google you are likely to be faced with a lot of scam websites. The first thing we want to mention is staying away from any sites that claim they can “generate” codes. These websites are likely to be scams and may be out to steal your information.

Below we have outlined some of the best legitimate ways to get an Xbox Live Gold membership for free.

Free Xbox Live With New Consoles

If you have purchased a new Xbox console or a new controller you are in luck. Each purchase of a controller or console comes with an Xbox Live Gold gift card.

These gift cards come with the console or controller and can be redeemed at any time. If you haven’t checked the box your controller or console came in have a look as there may be a gift card in there that you missed. These trials can last anywhere from 2 days to 14 days. With the purchase of a controller and Xbox you could get up to one months free Xbox Live.

New Account Sign Up Trials

On your Xbox Series X or Xbox One console, you can create up to 3 accounts and get free Xbox Live Gold. You only need Xbox Live gold on account per console so everyone can enjoy Xbox Live.

You can create a new account on your Xbox, get the free trial and then log back into your main account and start playing online again for the length of the trial. The only down side with this method is the fact that you have to use a new credit card every time you sign up for a new account to be eligible for the free Xbox Live Trial.

Make sure to cancel the subscription after you sign up or your account will be charged the full monthly fee for Xbox Live.

Purchase A Trial For Cheap On G2A

While this method isn’t necessarily free it is cheaper than purchasing a full subscription. Especially if you only plan to use Xbox live for a few days, then this method can be worth it.

On sites like G2A people will sell their Xbox Live Gold trials for you to purchase. You can then redeem these on your account and get all the benefits of Xbox live for a much cheaper price.

For example, you can purchase an Xbox Game pass 2-month trial for around $3 which gives you access to Xbox Live for 2 months as well as all of the games available on the game pass. This is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft has a rewards program where you can earn points for using their services. For example you can use Microsofts search engine and earn points for searching. You can then redeem these points for Xbox Live codes from the Microsoft store.

Win A Trial From A Giveaway

A great way to get Xbox live gift cards is to win them during a giveaway. This could be from your favourite Youtuber or gaming personality on Twitch. If you keep an eye out you will see these giveaways happening all the time.

Another place you will regularly see these giveaways is on the official Xbox sub-reddit. Check in every so often and you may find promotions and giveaways for Xbox live trial codes.

Get An Xbox Game Pass Trial

Xbox game pass is a Netflix like subscription that Microsoft has released. It allows you to access a vast library of games for a fixed monthly fee. When you have Xbox Game pass you automatically get access to Xbox Live.

This is my preferred way to access Xbox Live as you get a ton of other benefits as well. You can get a $1 trial for 2 months then it is $14.99 per month.

How Much Is An Xbox Live Subscription?

If you love playing Xbox live with your trial you may think about purchasing a full Xbox Live subscription so you can continue playing with your friends. An Xbox Live gold subscription costs $10.99 per month or you can get three months for $29.99 and 6 months for $59.99.

Wrapping Up

That is all you need to know about getting Xbox Live trials for free and how to use them. You can now enjoy playing online with your friends using Xbox Live.

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