Looking for how to make your own Discord emote? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. This article will show you everything there is to know about how to make your own custom Discord emote and how to upload them to Discord. 

Let’s dive right in.

What Are Discord Emotes?

It’s become the norm to express ourselves on social media applications using emojis. Discord emotes are exactly the same. The only difference is Discord offers community leaders the option to use the standard emojis, or design their own custom-made emoji that helps your server stand out from the rest. 

Discord emotes are a fun way to communicate with your friends on the Discord app. You can use them to express your feelings or just to have a little fun.

Discord emotes help you personalize your server and make users enjoy fun conversations through sharing your custom Discord emotes among themselves. To start using custom Discord emotes for your server, you need to make one using your computer or mobile phone. 

How To Make Discord Emotes With Templates

The quickest way to make a custom Discord emote is using templates. These refer to images, GIFs, or memes that are made available online. They can also be pictures you’ve taken. You can choose to download a template you like and upload it directly to your server or edit the template using an image editing tool to personalize it. 

Here’s how to make a discord emote with a Kapwing template.

  1. Go to Kapwing’s custom discord emote maker that provides you with a free-to-use template that is specified to the recommended Discord emote size of 128×128 pixels. Once you’re on the website, click on Edit This Template.
  1. To upload a new image from google search, go to your browser and download an image or a meme you like.
  1. Then upload the image you’ve just downloaded to Kapwing by clicking on Click to upload. Feel free to paste an image link, or click on Google Drive or Google Photos if the image you want to edit is on Google Drive or Google Photos. 
  1. Now, select the new image template, then go to the right menu where you should see a wide variety of editing options. Feel free to crop the image, round its corners, add a colored outline, and so on.
  1. You can also add text to your images by clicking on Text, then Add Text, at the left side of the screen. Feel free to customize it by selecting the text, then go to the right menu and edit the font type, color, size, opacity, and so on.
  1. When you’re done, go to the top part of your screen and click Export Image, then click Download to save the emote to your device.

How To Make Discord Emotes With Photoshops

Photoshop applications are useful when you don’t find a template you like, or just want to design your own discord emote. 

You need to choose a photoshop application to use. It is recommended to use Adobe Photoshop since Adobe Suite applications have been used for years by design professionals to make beautiful graphics. However, feel free to explore other free design tools like Photopea, MS Paint, and Gimp. For this section, we’ll use Photopea as an example. 

Here’s how to make discord emotes with the Photopea photoshop application.

  1. Go to the Photopea online photo editor. To create a new project, click on File, then click on New, or you can click on New Project.
  1. Next, enter a name for your project, and set the width and height to the recommended 128*128 pixels size for Discord emotes. You can leave the resolution to 72 ppi and change the background to your liking. Once you’re done, click Create
  1. You should see your project’s workspace that looks like this. 
  1. Feel free to import an image from your gallery as a starting point by going back to File, then Open, and select the image you want. Make sure to go to Image at the top menu, and select Image Size to reset the size of the pixels to 128*128, then click OK.
  1. To start editing your project, select either of the editing tools on the left menu. 
  1. Once you’re done editing, click on File at the top menu, then Export as a PNG file. Finally, click on Save to save the file to your device.

How to Make Animated Discord Emotes

You can use a media editing tool to make animated Discord emotes. A good example of a quick way to make an animated Discord emote is using Kapwing studio editor.

  1. So, head over to the Kapwing editing site and click on Edit This Template
  1. Then, click on Upload at the top of the page and select Click to upload
  1. Once done, select the image or video you’ve just uploaded and click on Animate at the right menu. Then, select the animation style you want to use. Here, you can choose to make your image flicker, fade, rotate hues, vibrate, or zoom in. 
  1. When you’re done animating, go to the top part of your screen and click Export Image, then click Download to save the emote to your device.

How To Upload Emotes To Discord

Now that we’ve seen how to create custom discord emotes, it’s time to upload them to your Discord server. Here’s how.

  1. Open your Discord application and go to your server. Then go to the upper-left side of your server and click on the drop-down arrow. 
  1. Next, click Server Settings.
  1. You will see different setting options for your server on the left menu. Select Emoji, then click on Upload Emoji on the right panel. This will prompt you to upload the emote file that you have saved on your device so locate where the emote is saved and click Open.
  1. You can choose to rename the Alias of your discord emote to a relevant name (preferably a name that users would remember easily) and voila, your custom discord emote is now ready to use.

Wrap Up

That’s all you need to know on how to make discord emotes and upload them to your server. Feel free to leave us a comment below on what your experience is using Discord emotes and we’ll get back to you.

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