Macbooks are efficient when it comes to work management. But, you can also turn them into your personal gamestation. In this guide, we will be showing you how to play Valorant on Mac. With this method, you will also be able to play any other games available for Windows.

Can I Play Valorant on Mac?

If you have macOS installed, you can only play games that are supported to the Apple’s operating system. Valorant is not available on the App Store, and thus needs to be installed by forcing Mac to use Windows as its main operating system.

This method is easily accomplished using Boot Camp, software that allows Mac users to install Windows. You won’t have to worry about losing macOS, and you can always shift seamlessly between the two, as Bootcamp only creates a partition with Windows on it.

Requirements for Installing Windows OS on Mac

To play Valorant, you have to determine if your Mac device is capable of installing Boot Camp. Make sure your Mac is one of the following variants (M1 and M2 models CAN NOT play Valorant).

  • MacBook 2015 or any model after that
  • Mac Pro 2013 or newer
  • iMac Pro (Any model)
  • iMac 2012 or any model after that
  • Mac Mini 2012 or any model after that
  • MacBook Air/Pro 2012 or newer

You’ve got one of the devices mentioned in the above list? Simply follow the steps below to install Valorant on your Mac.

How to Install Valorant on your Mac?

To start things off, you are going to have to download the Windows ISO file. This can be downloaded through Microsoft’s website.

  1. Once downloaded, go to your finder and head to ‘Applications’.
  2. Go to ‘Utilities’.
  3. Open ‘Boot Camp Assistant’.
  4. Click ‘Choose’ next to the ISO image.
  5. Browse to the downloaded ISO file and load it up.

The next step is to allocate enough storage for Windows to be installed. To do so, simply use the slider as much as you like. A recommended amount of storage to allocate for Windows would be around 200 GB.

Once done, click the ‘Install’ button, and put in the password for your Mac when prompted to do so.

Your device will then restart, and the installation will begin.

  1. Select your language and time along with the preferred keyboard input method.
  2. Click Next, and the installation will ask for a product key. If you have one, put it in now or just skip this part.
  3. Use express settings to install.
  4. Set up your account.
  5. At the desktop, the BootCamp installer will start up.
  6. If BootCamp doesn’t start up automatically, download it from here.
  7. Hit next, and click ‘Install’ on popups as this will install all necessary drivers you need for Windows to run.
  8. Connect to the internet and select the ‘Apple Software Update’.
  9. Install updates, and reboot the PC.
  10. Run the ‘Windows Update’ when you get the prompt.

You will now have successfully installed Windows on your Mac device, and can now play any games that you normally would through Steam or any other DRM available.

  1. From here on out, you will head directly to Valorant’s website.
  2. Download the client, and start it up while accessing Windows from your Mac.
  3. Click on Install.
  4. Register a new account, or log into your existing one.
  5. Click on ‘Play’ and you’re all set.

If you have an older version of the Mac, then you can try lowering the settings of the game to improve your overall performance.

How to Play Valorant on Mac Without Bootcamp

When M1 and M2 models were released, it wasn’t possible to install Windows on them, which made gaming harder to access through the newer devices. However, while you can’t use BootCamp like you could on Intel devices, there is still a workaround to get Windows using Parallels.

Parallels can be purchased from its website, which can then be used to access virtual machines from M1 and M2 devices. But unfortunately, Valorant’s anti-cheat will not run on virtual environments, making it impossible to play on the newer models.

If you have either an M1 or M2 device, then you might have to wait a little longer for any solution to pop-up. As of writing this article, there are currently no workarounds to installing Windows on these newer Apple devices.

Wrapping Up

You’re all set and ready to load into your favorite agent in Valorant! Simply switch to Windows whenever you want to play a game, and switch back to the macOS for your daily workflow. As a bonus, you can even install software that is exclusive to Windows this way, without having to bother yourself with switching between different computers.

You can always uninstall Windows from your Mac device if you feel like the installation may be hogging your performance.

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