Lots of streamers use green screens on stream for different reasons. Maybe they’ve a messy room or they just want their camera taking up less real estate in their scenes. Normally these streamers are using a physical green screen behind them in their room. However there’s a way to remove your background without a green screen.

Lets jump in and take a look at the fastest way to remove your background without a green screen.

If you don’t want to read you can check out the video below showing you step by step how to set this up.


If you want to use this feature you will need:

  • Nvidia Broadcast Software (Download)
  • Nvidia RTX Graphics Card

How To Setup Nvidia Broadcast

Step 1: Download the Nvidia broadcast app. Click here to go to the Nvidia Broadcast website.

Install the app. You will have to restart your computer before continuing.

Image From Nvidia.com

Step 2: Open the Nvidia broadcast app and navigate to the Camera tab. here you will be able to select your camera source (This should be your normal camera). You can then select the resolution you want the camera to be.

Now you have multiple options to choose between when it comes to effects. For background removal select the “Background Removal” option.

Once you have done this you can now configure your camera in your streaming software of choice.

When you set up Nvidia broadcast it creates a new Virtual Camera. This is the camera we need to add to our streaming software.

How To Add Your Nvidia Broadcast Camera To Streamlabs or OBS

We now need to add our new virtual camera to Streamlabs/OBS.

To do this you just add the camera to your scene like any other camera. Go to sources –> Add Source –> Camera –> Select Nvidia Broadcast.

Your camera without a background will now appear on your stream. You can resize and position this as you like.

Other Features Of Nvidia Broadcast

Nvidia Broadcast Microphone Features

Nvidia broadcast also has some amazon features for your microphone. They have a noise removal option which helps to remove background noise from your microphone when streaming. You can get rid of them loud clicky key noises that your friends and chat probably hate. It’s also great at removing loud PC fan noises or AC units from your audio giving you a studio like experience without the expense.

Nvidia Broadcast Backgrounds

Instead of removing your background you can replace it with any image you want. This can be a fun way to get creative and engage viewers on your stream. You can check out these funny zoom backgrounds for ideas you can use on stream.

Wrapping Up

So now you know how to remove your background without a green screen. Pretty cool right! However if you need a real green screen for more complex projects you can check out our top green screens for streamers.


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