Have you seen other people on Twitch with the !Quote command in their chat. Some streamers use it to share funny or motivating quotes that they like. You can do this using stream elements. When the viewer puts !quote in the chat the stream elements bot will return a random quote that you have previously input to your list.

Let’s jump in and show you how to get the quote command set up.

How To Add !Quote Command To Twitch

Luckily stream elements already has this command built into the software so we don’t have too much work to do. Just follow the steps below to get up and running.

Step 1 – Make StreamElements A Mod In Your Channel

If you have not already made Streamelements a mod on your channel you will need to this before any commands or auto moderation will work. To do this open up your Twitch channel and navigate to Profile Picture –> Creator Dashboard –> Chat Box.

In the chat box type /mod streamelements

This will mod the Streamelements chat bot in your chat allowing you to use commands on in your stream.

Step 2 – Enable The !Quote Command

Now that Streamelements is a mod in our channel we can enable the Quote command. This may already be enabled automatically in your software. To check go to Streamelements.com –> Chat Bot –> Chat Commands and scroll down until you see !quote.

There is not much that we can change in the command interface here. All you have to do is make sure it is enabled.

Unfortunately Stream Elements does not currently have an interface where we can add quotes easily. This is what they have to say on it:

!quote is a default command that currently has no UI for management.
Any viewer can use !quote or !quote # in order to post a random/specific quote in chat. Adding/removing quotes with the !quote add/remove arguments is permitted to user levels “Moderator” and above.
There is no option to edit quotes, so if a specific quote needs to be edited, you’re able to remove it with !quote remove # and re-add it with !quote add QUOTE.
The quote number will be assigned based on previous quotes already added. So if 2 quotes were already added, the next one will be #3.

Usage –
!quote add XYZ – Adds a quote
!quote remove # [number] – Removes a quote
!quote # – Shows a specific quote
!quote – Shows a random quote
You can make a custom command and set the response to be –
${quote ${random.1-10}}. This will return a random quote from 1 to 10 (these should be added first) and you can group them that way to run a custom command that will show a random quote from that group (group of 10 quotes).

Step 3 – How To Add Quotes To Stream Element Quote Command

So now we have confirmed that the command is enabled how do we add new quotes to the bot.

To add a quote to your bot go to your twitch chat and type in the following:

!quote add [Add Your Quote Here]

To remove a quote from your bot go to your twitch chat and type in the following:

!quote remove # [Number] (The number is the order that you add the quotes. If you have two quotes already and add another it will be #3.

Step 4 – Test Your Quote Bot

To test your quote bot head to your Twitch chat and type in !quote and the bot should return a quote that you have added. It is worth noting that everyone can ask for a quote but only moderators and higher can add or remove quotes.

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to add the quote command to your stream with these simple steps and add in some funny or motivating quotes for your viewers to find.

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