The sequel to the original Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment comes after 13 long years of wait, offering crossplay between all platforms, consoles and PC alike. Many Xbox players are interested in knowing how they can connect a keyboard and mouse to play the game.

Keyboard and mouse compatibility for Overwatch 2 has been finicky and not guaranteed to work every time. Many players have suggested solutions such as lobbying up with PC players and using third-party adaptors for a permanent fix.

Let’s take a more in-depth look into how you can use a mouse and keyboard in Overwatch 2 on Xbox.

How To Use A Mouse & Keyboard In Overwatch 2

To use a mouse and keyboard on Overwatch 2 for Xbox you will need to use a third-party adapter. Plug the adapter into your keyboard and connect your keyboard to the adapter. You can then map the controller buttons to keys on your keyboard and mouse. You can then successfully use mouse and keyboard on Xbox.

Does Overwatch Support Keyboard And Mouse?

Overwatch originally has not supported keyboard and mouse on Xbox consoles but many players have seen greyed-out options in the Overwatch 2 beta for keyboard binds, showing signs that Blizzard might finally add keyboard and mouse support to Overwatch 2 for Xbox and other consoles out there.

Why Do Players Want To Connect A Keyboard And Mouse In Overwatch 2?

Since Overwatch 2 is a crossplay game, many console players will find themselves at a disadvantage when playing with PC players that use a mouse and keyboard, especially considering that Blizzard has removed aim assist for Xbox console players from the game entirely.

In order to counter this disadvantage, console players may decide to use a mouse and keyboard with their Xbox to level the playing field, and increase their chances of winning more matches in Overwatch 2.

Here Are Ways To Connect A Mouse And Keyboard In Overwatch 2 Xbox

Blizzard is not so keen on allowing Xbox players to use a mouse and keyboard even though players can directly connect such devices to their Xbox consoles. But there are certain ways players can still use a mouse and keyboard in the game.

Connect A Keyboard And Mouse Directly

Some players have reported that simply connecting a keyboard and mouse to one of the many available USB ports on your Xbox has worked without any issues for them. Simply plug in the input devices and your Xbox will automatically recognize them and they will be ready for use in-game.

 In case this does not work for you in Overwatch 2, try the following alternatives.

Play With A PC Player In The Lobby

A lot of Overwatch 2 players have reported that the keyboard and mouse binds show up as greyed-out options in the Overwatch settings menu. A Reddit user called “quixnotboring” uploaded the following screenshot to show that keyboard and mouse settings are integrated into the console versions of the game.

This shows that Blizzard has made some effort to include keyboard and mouse support this time around. For those who see the greyed-out options but can not access them, try lobbying up with a PC friend.

Many Overwatch players have discovered that getting into a lobby with a PC player will give you full access to your keyboard and mouse as you will then be put into PC crossplay lobbies for fair matching.

Connect A Third Party Adapter

While many community members consider this cheating as this is a quick way around game settings, a third-party adaptor can allow you to use a keyboard and mouse in Overwatch 2. There are various external adaptors, which allow you to do this. They essentially trick the game into thinking that a normal Xbox controller is connected in place of a keyboard and mouse.

Simply plug your keyboard and mouse into the external adaptor. Then connect the adaptor with your Xbox controller.

This is a way to make sure that your keyboard and mouse work with Overwatch 2 on Xbox, without any glitches or bugs. While this is not a bannable offense, it is still not advised and should be used as a last resort when nothing else works and you absolutely need to connect your input devices with your Xbox console.

Wrapping Up

Blizzard has confused players with its earlier decisions of not allowing Xbox or any other console players to use a mouse and keyboard, but at the same time, including those options in-game for players to access. If you are lucky, normally plugging in your keyboard may work in Overwatch 2.

Otherwise, if you want to connect a keyboard and mouse to play Overwatch 2 on Xbox, either party up with a PC player, who can help you gain access to PC lobbies, or use a third-party adaptor that allows you to connect your input devices directly with your controller.

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