Who Is Sykkuno?

Twitch Streamer Sykkuno

Sykkuno is a streamer and Youtube content creator who only really started streaming regularly in April of 2019. Despite his recent start in streaming, Sykkuno has somehow managed to garner nearly 4 million followers who love his content and his personality.

Sykkuno’s main claim to fame seems to be Among Us and Minecraft, although he also streams quite a variety of games and Just Chatting. Recently, he has streamed a lot of Halo Infinite, Prop Night, and Grand Theft Auto V.

Sykkuno was born and raised in the US and he has a dog named Bimbus. Not much is known about his private life other than he has two sisters.

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Sykkuno Stream Gear

Sykkuno Gaming PC Setup

Sykkuno uses a custom PC built for him by CyberPower PC. The specs are here.

Sykkuno Stream Setup In Detail

What Webcam Does Sykkuno Use?

Sykkuno uses the Logitech C920.

The Logitech C920 is a great streaming webcam which is massively popular among streamers. It is affordable and great quality especially if you only plan to use it as a face cam on your stream.

With some good lighting this camera is more than good enough to have a great looking stream. It’s best used with at least some lighting as it can look quite grainy without.

What Mic Does Sykkuno Use?

Sykkuno uses the Shure SM7B.

This is one of the most popular streaming mics out there. A large proportion of top streamers use this mic and you’ll also see it hanging in broadcast rooms all over the world. This microphone is quite quiet as standard so you will also need a Pre-amp such as the cloud lifter to boost gain and get the best out of your mic.

What Mouse Does Sykkuno Use?

Sykkuno uses the Corsair Sabre.

The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro is a mouse designed specially for FPS and MOBA games. It’s shaped ergonomically for users, particularly for esports players and competitive gamers. It’s affordable, and even comes in three different versions — Pro, RGB Pro, and RGB Pro Wireless. This tournament-grade mouse is an excellent choice for pro players and casual gamers alike.

This mouse uses Corsair’s Axon technology that transmits signals like clicks and movements as much as 8 times faster than other conventional mice. It’s quite lightweight as well, weighing in at around 74 grams, helping players maintain their quick and snappy reflexes through any game they play.

What Keyboard Does Sykkuno Use?

Sykkuno uses the Corsair K70 TKL.

This is a large keyboard which comes with a full extended num pad and is also RGB backlit. This looks great in any stream setup however you want to make sure you have the desk space for it.

In terms of key switches this keyboard uses Cherry MX mechanical key switches.

The keyboard can also store custom lighting profiles on board as it has 8MB of storage. This means you don’t need any extra software on your PC.

Sykkuno uses the Tenkeyless version, which means there is no numpad. The keyboard will also have a smaller profile and take up less desk space.

Wrapping Up Sykkuno Stream Setup

This is all the info we currently have on Sykkuno stream setup. If you have any more info on his PC or peripherals please let us know in the comments so we can keep this article up to date.

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