If you’ve been in twitch chat recently you may have seen some people in chat asking “Can you give me an Owa Owa” and wondering what on earth it means. Don’t worry we have you covered!

What does Owa Owa Mean On Twitch?

Owa Owa actually originates from a Tik Tok of Pudgy the dog. The video shows the owner of the dog asking him if he can get an “Owa Owa” and the dog proceeds to make a human like noise while trying to eat his microphone. You can see the full video below.


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This went completely viral on Tik Tok pulling in over 17.2M likes on this one video alone. Pudgy has became a viral sensation with 12.4 Million followers on Tik Tok.

Since the video was posted Pudgy has turned into a meme and has became a part of meme culture. People are now using Owa Owa on other platforms like Twitch and Twitter.

When Do People Use Owa Owa?

People use Owa Owa to congratulate someone when something good happens. For example of Twitch if someone won a game of Warzone people in the chat might say “Can we get an Owa Owa?” in chat to show their support.

What Is The Origin Of Owa Owa On Twitch

Owa Owa originated on the Tik Tok account Pudgywoke who has now amassed over 12 Million followers. Since then Pudgy has exploded on all social media platforms now having over 400k followers on instagram as well.

The meme spread in internet culture and people started using it everywhere including Twitch. It’s definitely one of the more fun memes out there and Pudgy and his owner are all about spreading good vibes on their platforms.

We won’t be disappointed if this one sticks around! Can I get an Owa Owa?

When Should I Use Owa Owa on Twitch?

You should use Owa Owa on Twitch when you want to congratulate someone for something they have done. You can also use it in a negative way by saying “X is not Owa Owa”.


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