If you have came to this page you have probably just realised after many, many hours of gaming that there is an extra port on the front of your playstation controller. Chances are you have never used this port and are wondering what on earth is this little port for.

After all the Playstation controller didn’t change much at all from the Playstation 1 all the way to the Playstation 4. It keep it’s original shape all these years. After all it feels pretty damn good in the hands. Why change it? But the PS4 model did get this extra port.

Whether it’s the brand new haptic feedback Playstation 5 controller or the older Playstation 4 controller we are going to answer your question in this article. Let’s jump in.

What is The EXT Port On A Playstation 4 Controller for?

What is the EXT port on a PS4 controller for? The Playstation 4 controller has an extra port on the front that is rarely used by most gamers. It can however be used for charging or adding external accessories such as a small keyboard.

Below I am going to outline some of the devices you can utilise this little extension port for.

Charging Station For Playstation 4 Controllers

You’re probably used to charging your playstation controller from the back using the USB cable provided with the controller. It’s simple and it works although that wire can get in the way some times, especially if you’re a bit of a cable management nerd.

The solution to this is getting a charging dock that you can place your controllers in when you are not playing. This means your controllers are always charged when you want to hop online.

You can see one of the most popular docks for Playstation 4 controllers down below.

It’s actually quite affordable and makes a neat addition to your set up if you want to keep your gaming space nice and tidy.

Keyboard Extension For Playstation 4 Controllers

I’m sure we have all been in the position where we are about to jump onto netflix and watch our favourite program when somehow our account has been logged out. Now we are sitting, using the analog stick to go letter by letter through our email and password.

There is nothing more frustrating than that long process. Well, what if you had a keyboard that you could easily type in all your info. Thanks to that little ext port on the bottom of your controller you can.

While they are quite small the typing process is in fact much easier and reminds me of an old blackberry keyboard. If you do a lot of browsing on your console or send a lot of messages it might be a great accessory for your controller.

Check out one of the most popular keyboards for the Playstation 4 controller down below:

Headsets and Headphones

You can also plug headsets into this port down below however the original playstation headset for this port is apparently not in production anymore.

Fortunately you can still use the AUX port to plug in any headphones that you have lying around the house if they are compatible. There’s no harm in plugging yours in and seeing if it works.

However you’re probably better using other audio sources than the port on the bottom of your controller as it won’t sound as good.

What Is The Port On The Bottom Of The Playstation 5 Controller?

Similar to the Playstation 4 controller the Playstation 5 controller uses the port for the same functions as the PS4. The ext port can be used to dock your controllers, attach a keyboard or attach headsets.

What is the port on the front of the PS5 controller? The port on the front of the Playstation 5 controller can be used to plug in accessories such as a keyboard, docking/charging station or even headsets. The most used device in the port is the charging station which keeps your controller charged when you’re not playing.

You can check out some of the most popular accessories for the Playstation 5 controller below:

Playstation 5 Controller Docking Station

Below is one of the most popular charging stations for the PS5 controller. Again they are actually quite affordable even for the PS5 and are a great way to keep your gaming area clean and tidy.

Playstation 5 Keyboard

Below is one of the most popular keyboards for the Playstation 5 controller. If you plan on using your playstation to do any sort of messaging or browsing then a keyboard may be a useful addition for your controller.

Wrapping Up

Now you should know exactly what those little ports on the controller are however you will probably still never use them. Maybe you will find a use and be one of the people who gets use out of the charging dock or tiny little keyboard.

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