Discord is the communications platform that has taken the world by storm recently and has become the choice platform to socialize online for many young and old users.

However, its innovative structures and rising popularity do not keep it exempt from the usual bugs on competing platforms. A common one that many users report facing is a blurry profile picture. If you’re part of that group, know that it is a common bug that others experience, and all users should understand and learn how to work around it.

Why Is Your Discord Profile Picture Blurry?

Many people updating their profile pictures on discord’s mobile or desktop app report the result appearing more blurry and unfocused than the original image they uploaded. 

This is a recognized bug on Discord’s end, and although they have released no working fix, other users report that this is an issue exclusive to Discord’s application.

How To Avoid The Bug

Though the problem is on the server’s end, the solution to this problem is quite simple. Fellow users report that people can work around the bug by changing their Discord profile picture through a mobile or desktop browser instead of the application.

The steps for changing your Discord profile picture are almost identical on Desktop and Mobile browsers, so for this article, we will show you how to do this on a Desktop Browser.

  • First, open your preferred browser and go to Discord’s official homepage
  • If you aren’t logged in already, you’ll need to click on the prompt on the top right and enter your user credentials.
  • From here, you will be redirected back to the homepage, where you will need to choose the option that says “Open Discord On Browser”
  • After you are successfully brought to your account’s chat section, click the gear icon on the bottom left to open “User Settings”
  • After this, navigate to the “My Account” drawer and click on “Edit User Profile”
  • Click on the button that says “Change Avatar”
  • Here, either click on “Upload Image” to use an image from your desktop library or “Try Animated Avatar”, an option exclusive to users with Discord Nitro
  • In the case that you choose to upload an image, select the image that you want as your profile picture and click “Open”
  • Now press “Save Changes” and your profile picture will be updated successfully

Will Discord Fix The Issue?

Users will be shocked to learn that discord is aware of this issue and has been for a while. In July of 2021, they replied to a Twitter user highlighting the problem by acknowledging that they know its existence (at least on iOS) and would be working to fix it.

Although, in subsequent months, they claim to have rolled out bug patches that fix the problem, most users still report having their profile pictures appear blurry when they upload them from their official app.

With this knowledge, we cannot say if Discord will ever roll out a good patch to this bug, but here’s hoping!

When Can The User Cause The Issue?

Because of the specificities of uploading images for your Discord profile picture, sometimes fault on the user’s end can make their profile picture appear blurry or pixelated instead of a server error.

Aspect Ratio

Discord specifies that it converts whatever profile picture you upload to a 128 x 128-pixel aspect ratio when putting it on its servers. This means that enlargement or compression of said image could be the reason behind your problem.

Hence, it is recommended that you make the ratio of your profile picture as close as possible to the recommended 128 x 128 pixels. You can change the aspect ratio of a photo by cropping it.

File Size

The same principle also applies to the file size. 8mbs is the recommended size of the image you upload as your profile picture. Getting as close to this size as possible can help ensure your image is clear. You can change the file size of the image by cropping it.

Internet Connection

A spotty internet connection can also be the reason behind your blurry profile picture, so it is always recommended that you make changes to your profile picture on a stable internet connection to avoid any possible complications.

Wrapping Up

Discord’s bug sometimes causes profile pictures uploaded through their app to appear blurry. However, this can be worked around by uploading it instead through a mobile or desktop browser.

The fault could also lie with the picture the user uploaded instead of Discord’s servers. Regardless, despite being aware of the issue, Discord is still yet to roll out a fully working patch to the very prevalent and annoying bug.

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