Back when Twitch first started, you may have been able to grow by turning on your stream and simply playing a game you were half decent at. However, nowadays this isn’t the case. If you want to make it on Twitch you need to stand out from the crowd. Simple gameplay without anything else won’t cut it.

If you want your streams to be as entertaining as possible you should prepare before your stream and have a goal or fun idea for the stream. This can range from doing press-ups every time you die in a game to take on challenges from your viewers.

Let’s jump in and take a look at the 21 best fun live stream ideas for your stream.

21 Fun Live Stream Ideas

Below is a list of 21 different ideas you can do on your Twitch stream to make your stream more entertaining for your viewers. The more entertaining your stream is, the more viewers you will get.

1. Challenges/Bets

Taking challenges or bets from your audience is a great way to make a stream more exciting. On certain streamers’ streams they will take challenges from their audience. Sometimes if the streamer can complete these challenges they will be rewarded by bits or gifted subs by someone in their community.

For example in a game like Warzone you may take a requested class setup from a viewer and if you win the game they will gift you subs. These can be super hard challenges like winning a game of Warzone with a riot shield only. This can be applied to pretty much any game. Of course, there doesn’t have to be any bets on the line. Just having a specific challenge will make your stream more exciting.

2. Subathon

Twitch Subathons are becoming more and more popular. Essentially you go live with a countdown timer on your stream. This might be for 1 hour. Every time someone donates or subscribes to your channel, a certain amount of time gets added to the countdown timer. This means you don’t really know when your stream will end.

Viewers love feeling like they have some control over the stream. By donating to the stream they can keep you online for longer making them feel like they are involved with the stream.

Some streams have went on for weeks and even months when large streamers are doing a Subathon. If you want to take on a Subathon check out our full guide to doing a Subathon stream.

3. Spin Wheel

You may have seen some streamers with a spin wheel in the background of their stream. This is an interesting item to have on your stream. You can add a spin wheel to your stream with multiple different forfeits or prizes on the wheel. When a certain event happens such as losing a match you have to spin the wheel.

The wheel can have forfeits on it or potentially prizes for your audience. For example, if your play Fifa you may spin the wheel after every match you lose. You might have to do 10 push-ups or give away Fifa Points to someone in the audience. You can come up with your own creative forfeits depending on the game you are playing.

You can either use a physical spin wheel from Amazon which is probably the best option or you can use a Digital Spin Wheel with Stream Elements.

4. Drinking Stream

If you have a mature audience on Twitch they may enjoy a drinking stream. Drinking streams are in-fact allowed on Twitch as long as you are sensible and don’t end up wiped out on stream.

You can play certain drinking games were you take a drink every time something happens. In Fifa this might be every time you lose a game or in call of duty every time you die.

5. Cooking Stream

If you find you are getting bored of your regular gaming content on stream you may want to take your audience to the kitchen. After all, who doesn’t love food. If you are a good cook you can do a stream with your audience where you cook some of your favorite foods.

Maybe even invite some of the other people you stream with over to your house for the stream to make it even more interesting. You audience will get to see a completely different side to you on your stream.

6. Workout Stream

Fitness is more popular than ever with lots of people in the gaming community getting fit. People like Nickmercs have started live streaming their workouts with their audience. The audience loves it and it really motivates others to get it out there and workout.

If you’re already working out in a home gym you may as well turn it into content.

7. Stream With Friends & Other Content Creators

If you have other streamer friends, invite them to your stream. You can compete against each other or take on a co-op campaign together. If you find it hard to talk all the time on stream having someone else that you stream with can make this much easier.

If you have back and forth with your friend, your stream will seem so much more natural and hopefully your audience will also enjoy it.

8. Ask Me Anything Stream

If you are up for it you could do an ask me anything stream in the Just chatting category. This is where you answer your viewers questions for a certain amount of time. Obviously you shouldn’t reveal certain details online so only answer what you are comfortable answering.

9. T-shirt Challenge Stream

A fun idea is to do the T-shirt challenge on your stream. This is where you have a ton of T-shirts. They may be t-shirts you have laying around or ones you borrow from friends. The point of this challenge is to put on another t-shirt every time something happens on stream.

For example, if you were playing Warzone, every time you lost a game you would add an extra T-shirt. You keep going until you can’t get any more t-shirts on. Beware, you will look ridiculous by the end of the stream.

10. Health Bar Stream

A health bar stream is when you start with a certain amount of points. For example, you may start with 50 points. You then have a + and – system. This could be for every death you lose two points but for every kill, you gain 1 point.

The stream doesn’t end until you run out of points. You should set your + and – points based on your KD. For example, if you had a 2 KD you would lose two points for dying and gain one point for a kill. If you set it up too easy for yourself the stream will never end and if you set it up too hard you could end up with a 15-minute stream.

11. React Content

I’m sure you have heard of reaction content before. Recently it has got extremely popular on Twitch in the just chatting category. You can react to other people’s content from youtube videos or Tik Toks on your stream.

You may want to check out Top 10 videos or Try not to laugh videos for good reaction content.

12. Speed Running

If you love a certain game but want more of a challenge you can try to speed-run it. A speed run is when you try to complete a certain level or map in a game at a certain time. There are websites that keep track of the fastest speed run times. You can try and beat them for a really entertaining stream.

13. Cosplay Stream

If you are interested in Cosplay you might consider doing a cosplay stream. Cosplay is when you dress up. You can dress up as your favorite character from a game or movie.

You can just appear on stream one day dressed up and shock your viewers or you can plan this out for a special stream.

14. House Tour or Stream Room Tour

People love to see behind the scenes of your stream. You can take a dedicated stream to show your viewers around your house or show them around your stream setup.

If you have an insane-looking stream room with some cool production value your viewers will likely be very interested in how it all works. Show them around your setup, gear and how it all works. You can also include some affiliate links in this stream and make some extra money promoting the products you use.

15. Tier List Stream

Chances are, you have seen Tier list Youtube videos before. People do tier lists for everything including stuff like their favorite food all the way to the best fortnite skins. There is something you can do a tier list for that is related to your stream.

This is a great way to take a break from the game you normally play but still keep it in line with your usual content. For example, if you play fortnite, do a stream where you make tier lists around Fortnite skins or guns etc.

16. Unboxing Stream

If you regularly get new gear for your stream, you can turn this into content. People love to watch new gear being opened and get some first-hand reviews of it. This type of content may only be for the first part of your stream but you can also turn it into a Youtube video after the fact as well.

17. Let Your Viewers Decorate Your Room

This one is a little more high budget but it makes for a hilarious video. You can allow your viewers to spend your money on amazon. You can create a poll on things that people want to see you purchase for your stream room. Set a budget then purchase these items live on stream.

Ludwig did a stream like this and some of the stuff he got was hilarious. You can do the same for your stream, especially if your stream room needs a makeover.

18. Editing Live On Stream

As I mentioned previously in the article, people love to see behind the scenes of your stream and content creation process. If you are going to be editing anyway you may as well turn on your stream. You likely won’t get as many viewers on these streams but some people love to watch it.

You will also get some great input (and terrible input) from your viewers on how you should edit the video and what should be included.

19. Play Games With Your Audience

Your audience loves to engage with you and lots of them probably want to play with you. There are certain games that integrate with twitch that you can play with your audience. This makes your stream much more engaging and can make a fun idea for a stream once in a while.

20. Interview Interesting People In Your Niche

If you know lots of other streamers in your niche who are great at their craft, why not bring them on your stream and ask them some questions? You could start a podcast-style show live on Twitch and take questions from viewers. This could be a once-a-week type of content.

21. Play A Game Blind Folded

Some games are hard enough already but if you want to make it even harder, try playing it blindfolded. This can make for some hilarious content on your stream. If you are a master at certain levels in a game and know it like the back of your hand you can impress your viewers by trying to complete it while blindfolded.

22. Stream A Hobby

If you have other hobbies outside of streaming, it could be a fun idea to bring your audience along with you. Allow them to get to know you a little better. For example, if you enjoy fishing you could do a one-off fishing stream.

23. Charity Stream

A charity stream can be a great way to generate buzz in your community and raise money for a good cause you care about. Let your community know about the stream beforehand and plan some of the above activities to keep the stream entertaining.

24. 24-Hour Stream

Want to take on a streaming endurance challenge? Try out a 24-hour stream with your audience. We created a full guide breaking down everything you should do to prepare for a 24hr or 48hr stream.

25. Table-Top Games

Want to do a live stream with friends IRL? One of the best ways to do this is through a table top game. Invite some friends over and pull out a board game. Your audience can watch along with you’s as you play.

Wrapping Up

Surely you have found at least one interesting thing in this list to do with your audience on Twitch. Make sure to go into your stream with a plan rather than firing up the stream and winging it. If you go into your stream with an idea or plan you will have much more success. Enjoy streaming some of these ideas. Let us know how your audience likes them in the comments.

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