If you plan to dominate the Call of Duty MW2 lobbies, you must familiarize yourself with the new controller settings and mechanics. A lot of new features have been tucked into the Controller settings menu, and we’ll help you explore all of them as well as provide our best controller settings for MW2 as of right now.

Now that you can add certain settings into the Quick Settings menu, changing layouts and sensitivities on the fly has become a lot more convenient. We tried to keep this guide as in-depth as possible for people to find all kinds of controller settings for MW2 in one place.

What are the Best Controller Settings for COD MW2?

While most of the controller settings will be preference-based and there won’t be a single setting that’ll give you a clear advantage over other players, there are still a few settings that need to be adjusted in certain ways to make the game a lot easier if you play using a controller.

Here are our recommended controller settings:

Button Layout

We recommend keeping this at Tactical to start with. If you’ve been using some other preset across all previous COD games, then yeah, you should switch to that. Otherwise, keep this setting on Tactical to ensure that you have complete movement control in your right thumb stick.

Flip L1/L2 and R1/R2

This setting allows you to change your shooting and aiming inputs from triggers to buttons, which is a better option as it’s a lot snappier. We recommend turning this ON.

Controller Vibration

Turn OFF controller vibrations as they mess up your aim and just provide a sensation that can be distracting for most players. Almost all pro players turn Vibrations Off to not get distracted during tense situations.

Stick Layout

An entirely preference-based setting, which we’ve kept at Default. You are free to choose whatever you like.

Vibrations and Haptics

Turn Off all vibrations and haptic feedback in the game as they reduce trigger engagement time and can even cause distractions for some players. 

Stick Sensitivities and ADS Multiplier

Set these to whatever you prefer. We also suggest adding this option to your Quick Settings menu to be able to easily change it whenever you want, without having to go through all the different menus.


Automatic Sprint

Keep this at Auto Tactical Sprint if you want to improve the life span of your controller’s sticks. Otherwise, you’ll be mashing your Right Stick every time you want to sprint, since you are most probably going to be on the Tactical button layout.

Interact/ Reload Behavior

Set this to Tap to Interact as it’ll allow you to press and hold to reload and tap the button once to interact with whatever is there on the screen. This makes it so that you have complete control over what you want to do and holding the button to reload also feels more appropriate.

Armor Plat Behavior [Warzone]

This setting defines what will happen whenever you press the plate button once. Setting it to Apply All means that your character will apply the maximum plates on just a single press, which makes life a lot easier in Warzone.

Advanced Settings

All of the assist and deadzone settings you see in the Advanced menu are preference based. So, keep on trying different ones until you land on the one that suits you. Most people go back to the same settings from the previous game, which is recommended to maintain muscle memory.

Movement Behaviors 

Sprint / Tactical Sprint Behavior

This setting ensures that you don’t have to keep pressing the stick at all times to run, which is why we highly recommend keeping this at Toggle.

Tactical Sprint Behavior

Set this to Double Tap to better distinguish between simple and Tac sprint. This gives you finer control over your movement, allowing you to choose whichever sprint you want based on your situation.

Mantle Settings

Mantle settings determine whether you’ll automatically vault over objects when you are on the ground or airborne. Set these to whatever you like.

Parachute Auto Deploy

Turn this OFF to have better control over how fast you want to fall and this allows you to get good at landing quickly as you practice more.

Combat Behavior

Most of the combat behavior settings are preference based. We would suggest leaving them on default unless you want to specifically change something. We would, however, recommend turning Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch to OFF. These are things that you should be controlling on your own, based on your judgment.


These were the best controller settings for Call of Duty MW2 that are applicable across all platforms and controller types. We hope that you can push your game to the next level by following these settings.